Trauma Challenges Friendships According to

PARK CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Friendship–There is a lot of emotional upset in the U.S. According to 2014 data
from the Centers for Disease Control, daily…

  • 55,069 people are diagnosed with cancer
  • 2,400 get divorced
  • 7,195 people die

The suffering souls have family and friends like us who care about them;
during the holidays, the emotional toll is even more pronounced. And
although we know what to say when our friends and family are
celebrating, we often struggle when our loved ones are dealing with
troubling times.

Kirsten Henry Fox, CEO of Uplift Gift, sommelier and mother, understands
this from both sides.

“Before I got sick, when someone was dealing with bad news – like a
divorce or a beloved pet dying – I would search for something to say to
make it better,” Fox relates. “But sometimes the news was so bad, I was
speechless. I remember turning down a grocery store aisle to avoid a
woman whose son just tragically died.”

A medical diagnosis showed her others struggle with words, too.

“After I was diagnosed with cancer, people from around the country
called and emailed me,” says Fox. “Many of them voiced what I had
previously faced – they didn’t know what to say.”

“As my friends supported me in whatever ways they could,” continues Fox,
“I realized the error in my thinking: no one can say something that
makes it better

She discovered how people CAN help. “The most important thing I
heard throughout my ordeal was ‘I’m thinking of you.’ Positive
energy surrounded me with love that helped me heal.”

In a 2005 Psychology Bulletin, a review of 225 studies concluded
that positive emotions promote and foster sociability and activity,
altruism, strong bodies and immune systems, effective conflict
resolution skills, success and thriving.

After her experience, Fox created a company to support people with
meaningful gifts to send to friends going through life’s challenges.

“Whether you use my company, a local store, or just pick up the phone,”
Fox concludes, “reach out to show your loved ones that you’re thinking
of them. It may convey the power to heal.”

Uplift Gift, a company located in Park City, Utah, provides meaningful
gifts, optionally including wine, to support friendship, especially
during challenging times. For more information, visit


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