Turning Back the Clock Has Never Been So Simple! TL Thread Lifting

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As education level & social status of women get elevated, the entry of
women in public affairs has also expanded, making one’s beautiful
appearance as one of the biggest competitive edge.

As young as 20’s to 50’s and 60’s, increasing number of people are
paying attention to maintaining their youthful appearances and
preventing having wrinkles with beauty products or skin care treatments.
However, youthful appearances are not achieved by having a flawless
skin, but also having dimensional and balanced facial structure.

Most commonly performed anti-aging treatment is thread lifting. Thread
lifting does not involve any incisions, but simply injects dissolving
threads to treat saggy cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, and loosened skin
elasticity. In the past, PDO threads were inserted showing little
lifting effects, but threads with cogs are used nowadays for more
promising lifting results.

Korea TL Plastic Surgery Anti-aging Center Director Jung Yeonho says
“With many environmental aspects, aging is starting at a sooner stage of
your life. Even amongst the younger crowd, lost skin elasticity or
undesirable face shape easily get detected. Because of this reason,
people are seeking the fastest and the most effective lifting procedures”

Threads used at TL Plastic Surgery Korea don’t require removal of the
threads, but they dissolve inside of their body, creating collagen and
elastine which play a key role in skin elasticity. Procedure time is
30-40 minutes with local anesthesia(sedation), and immediate return to
daily life is possible.

TL Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Jung Yeonho also mentions, “Vline lifting
knowhow accumulated by thousands of clinical experiences makes the most
accurate procedure possible. This makes your jawline smooth, your face
as small as possible, your skin elastic, and most importantly, makes you
to look young and stops you from aging”


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