UL Workplace Health & Safety Introduces New Employee Cyber Security Training Course

Workplace Health & Safety
, the industry’s leading provider of
workplace health and safety solutions, is launching a training course on
cyber security in alignment with this October’s recognition of National
Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The course, part of UL Workplace Health & Safety’s comprehensive and
award-winning online eLearning library, addresses a significant and
often overlooked element of a company’s defense against data breaches –
the role of individual employees. The course will help employees play a
more active role in their company’s cyber security strategy, prevent
data breaches, and effectively react in the event of a breach.
Currently, 31 percent of all data breaches are caused by employee
negligence and 54 percent of organizations offer no cyber security
training to new employees.

Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, National Cyber
Security Awareness Month aims to increase awareness about cyber security
and equip the nation with the knowledge to endure a cyber security
attack. More than 500 million records of personal information are stolen
annually, with 44 percent of data breaches due to malicious or criminal
attack. Healthcare organizations, that carry an additional burden of
compliance with strict HIPAA regulation around individual health
records, are a key target for attackers; 40 percent have already
suffered attacks by malware designed to steal data.

“Building awareness, engaging employees, and driving cultural discipline
are fundamental components of a good cyber security program. Cyber
security is an enormous issue for private and public entities in all
industries since a single data breach costs the average company $3.8
million. Keeping healthcare records secure is a particularly challenging
yet important task for healthcare workers, since any HIPAA violation can
result in huge fines and penalties for the company,” said Mark Ward,
General Manager of UL Workplace Health & Safety. “We look forward to
educating workers on the part they can play in preventing all data

This course will help employees identify sensitive information,
recognize both internal and external threats to information security,
learn ways to improve security, and understand how to react to a breach.
More information is available on UL Workplace Health & Safety’s website
at ulworkplace.com/cybersecurity.

UL Workplace Health & Safety is trusted by more than 2,000 organizations
in more than 20 major industries, including manufacturing, healthcare,
construction, and energy. Its customized eLearning programs provide an
engaging learning experience for employees, which is reflected in both
the course content itself and how it is presented. Instructional
designers who specialize in adult learning develop the courses to be
highly interactive and visually appealing to encourage learner
involvement and knowledge retention. UL Workplace Health & Safety also
helps multi-national corporations manage and implement best safety
practices across all their locations by offering language translation
and country customization. UL Workplace Health & Safety’s winning
combination of safety and instructional design expertise has been proven
to enhance employees’ knowledge and positively influence behaviors.

To find out more about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit http://www.dhs.gov/national-cyber-security-awareness-month.

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UL Workplace Health & Safety empowers organizations to protect the
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20 major industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, construction
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