Unikrn Introduces Unikoins and Launches Global Platform for Everyone

Ashton Kutcher and Guy Orseary’s Sound Ventures Joins Unikrn’s Recent
Series A Investment Round; New Mobile App, Unikrn Vault, to Complement
User Experience

(#unikrn), a gaming (#gaming) and eSports (#esports) company, today
announced the launch of Unikrn Arena Global for markets around the
world. Unikrn Arena Global is a new and fun virtual arena where users
can earn “Unikoins” by participating in various activities and then use
them to increase their odds of winning amazing prizes. To support the
launch of Unikrn Arena Global, the company is also announcing its first
companion App, Unikrn Vault, which will be available shortly after
launch for Android in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the Apple App

In addition, Unikrn today announced that Ashton Kutcher (#ashtonkutcher)
and Guy Oseary’s Sound Ventures (#soundventures) are joining Unikrn’s
recent Series A investment round announced on June 30, 2015. Kutcher and
Oseary have previously invested in tech industry-changing startups such
as @Airbnb,
and many more.

“I’m thrilled to be launching Unikrn Arena to the world, and releasing
the Unikrn Vault App to allow our users to generate Unikoins is
something we’re all really excited about,” said Rahul Sood, CEO Unikrn.
“At the same time, bringing Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary on was a big
deal for me. They are well known for picking winning consumer technology
companies and are incredibly connected. We’re looking forward to working
with their team to help make Unikrn Arena a big success.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of investing and being involved in a number of
outstanding startups, and Unikrn stood out because they are completely
changing how people engage with eSports,” said Ashton Kutcher. “eSports
are mainstreaming, and Unikrn Arena provides fans with an additional
level of excitement not found elsewhere.”

To help Unikrn users become more engaged with the platform, Unikrn is
now offering daily “quests” that provide the chance to earn Unikoins,
which can be used to win prizes from companies such as: Alienware,
Caseking, Funko, Gunnar, HP, HyperX, and Logitech. We’ll also have
additional prizes from professional eSports teams including, Enemy
Esports, Team Dignitas, Team Liquid and others. Types of quests include
“Betting Quests,” which reward users for placing bets on Unikrn; “Social
Quests,” which reward users for engaging with their friends and/or
social networks; and “Trivia Questions,” where users can answer
questions about the games being played on Unikrn.

Users can sign up at www.Unikrn.com
and immediately start going on quests and earning Unikoins. Prizes are
given away through an interactive raffle system, and users will be able
enter their Unikoins into the daily, weekly, and monthly draws. The more
Unikoins they enter, the greater the chance they have to win.

The Unikrn Vault App will allow users to earn additional Unikoins
through trivia and creating their own questions. Users have the
opportunity to answer up to four questions per day, and they can also
submit as many questions as they want. The more they engage, the more
Unikoins they can win, which can be exchanged in the Unikrn Marketplace.

By visiting www.unikrn.com,
Unikrn customers can watch the world’s best professional gamers
participate in live gaming tournaments around the world. Unikrn features
tournaments for AAA titles such as League of Legends, Dota2,
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Starcraft 2, Heroes
of the Storm
, and Call of Duty around the corner. The Unikrn
Arena platform provides an opportunity for customers to bet (using real
currency or Unikoins) on the outcomes of matches and tournaments through
a range of bet types common in more traditional sports betting markets.

About Unikrn
Unikrn is a world-leading gaming, eSports and
Entertainment Company co-founded by Rahul Sood, who, up until recently,
was the General Manager of Microsoft Ventures. Sood resigned from
Microsoft to create Unikrn. A serial entrepreneur, Sood spent 18 years
in multiple startups; he founded gaming computer creator VoodooPC, which
was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2006. Unikrn has built partnerships
with Hewlett-Packard, Logitech, Razer, Tabcorp, and is continuing to
forge strategic relationships in the gaming, eSports and entertainment
space. Since November of 2014 Unikrn has raised $10,000,000 from an
international group of investors. For more information, please visit unikrn.com,
follow us @unikrnco
and find us on Facebook.

About Sound Ventures
Sound Ventures is a venture capital
firm founded in 2015 by actor Ashton Kutcher and entertainment manager
Guy Oseary to opportunistically invest in technology start-up companies.


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