Univision Underscores Expanded Reach & Influence with Diverse Audiences as Growth Driver for Advertisers at 2016 Upfront Presentation

Offers Unparalleled Scale, New Streamlined Content Verticals and
Programmatic Buying Opportunities Across Its Comprehensive Portfolio &

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving
Hispanic America, is hosting its annual Upfront presentation on May 17th
to unveil its 2016-17 programming line-up and highlight how UCI’s
comprehensive portfolio stands united, offering unparalleled growth for
marketers to reach more audiences than ever before. The presentation
will take place at the Lyric Theatre in New York City and will be hosted
by Univision’s President of Advertising Sales and Marketing, Keith
Turner, and Executive Vice President of Advertising Sales, Steve
Mandala, with special guest appearances throughout the event.

Emphasizing the evolution of UCI’s broad array of complementary,
powerhouse media brands and how they are being leveraged to create more
meaningful buying opportunities for marketers, UCI’s presentation is
focused on the theme “United We Stand. Together We Grow.” UCI’s formula
for success includes a unique bond with its communities and provides
superior access to the influential, dynamic U.S. Hispanic population.
Through this connection, Univision speaks to the highly-engaged consumer
group that our marketers want to reach – one that is much younger, 71%
exclusive to Univision and 92% who watches live (excluding sports and
special events).

By organizing around key content verticals, UCI is now offering
marketers a new way to do business that will allow them to target UCI’s
audiences more systematically and leverage the estimated 81 million
average monthly unduplicated media consumers UCI reaches
across its
media portfolio – a reach that has grown by more than 40% since first
quarter 2015
as a result of acquisitions, partnerships and strategic
investments. The Upfront presentation will bring to life four key
content verticals known to be passion-points for UCI’s audiences – Sports,
Comedy, Music
and Drama. UCI also now enables advertisers to
leverage premium inventory, including new fall programming, at scale and
in each content vertical, as part of an expanded programmatic buying
effort across both digital and linear platforms.

“Univision is evolving to be a media company of the future, with more
catered programming and advanced offerings that better position us to
reach a rapidly evolving consumer marketplace. The strength of our
relationship with U.S. Hispanics has allowed us to expand our
capabilities to account for more than language,” commented Randy Falco,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Univision Communications. “Now,
we not only serve one of the biggest growth populations in America, but
also the nation’s next generation of growth consumers – the diverse
American youth. Young Americans will undoubtedly be the future driving
force in our economy and UCI is taking the lead and readying our content
options to engage these consumers like no one else. Simply put, we are
taking steps to ensure UCI continues to be a powerful, innovative
partner for marketers.”

The presentation will highlight UCI’s portfolio across its four key
content verticals, which include:

  • Comedy – Humor has proven to be the best way to connect with
    young audiences – both Hispanic and non-Hispanic. UCI is quickly
    becoming the premier destination for comedy and is further advancing
    its capabilities to offer advertisers smart, funny and effective
    branded and native content within its full ecosystem. Between its
    controlling investment in The Onion, UCI’s leading comedy and news
    satire brand, and an agreement with ABC to become the sole owner of
    Fusion, the Company is doubling down on comedy content across linear
    and digital to fill the white space that currently exists for both
    Hispanics and the broader young, diverse consumer segments. This year,
    UCI is delivering a new slate of sitcoms catered to a more youthful
    audience, including “40y20” and “Super X.” UCI will also
    further leverage both Flama and Udisea through sponsored
    interstitials on Univision Network, UniMás and Galavisión and, in
    2017, The Onion will gain a linear home for its content with
    the launch of a new, original show on Fusion.
  • Sports – Univision Deportes has established itself as the clear
    broadcast leader of soccer in the U.S. For the 2016-17 season, UCI
    will deliver more sports content and exclusive, in-depth coverage than
    ever before, with access to the most watched leagues, clubs,
    properties and tournaments, allowing UCI to reliably connect fanáticos
    to their favorite sports all year long. The most-watched soccer league
    in the U.S., Liga MX, is getting two major new installments, “Sabado
    and a unique multi-night Liga MX celebration. With the
    rights to the 2016 Copa America Centenario and the 2017 Gold
    Univision Deportes will solidify its position as the home of
    soccer. Last year, UCI delivered a 45% increase in tournament viewers,
    reaching 32 million consumers for the Gold Cup alone, and with U.S.
    Hispanics’ passion for sports now stronger than ever, 2017 will be no
    different. UCI is also releasing a series of sports documentaries,
    including “La Otra Mirada,” in which Hispanic America’s most
    popular stars tell the stories behind their favorite sports moments.
    From big events and storytelling to coverage enhancements across every
    platform, from TV and radio to mobile and digital, UCI is seriously
    upping its game.
  • Music – UCI’s end-to-end music strategy is informed by its
    proprietary radio insights and scalable to marketers’ strategic needs,
    offering the clearest path to reach fans. Music is a “super passion
    point” for audiences and the hot genre for Hispanic youth is Regional
    Mexican music. The powerful storytelling behind it speaks directly to
    young Hispanics about the real world and their place in it and UCI
    will be serving it up for listeners and viewers at scale by utilizing
    its full portfolio of brands. The centerpieces of UCI’s Regional
    Mexican initiative include “Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores,” a
    biopic series that tells the untold story of the iconic Jenni Rivera
    from the perspective of her former manager Pete Salgado; and “Canción
    de Mujer
    ,” an original multimedia talent competition that lets
    viewers at home to help discover the next great female singer in the
    Regional Mexican music genre. In addition, UCI is gearing up for the second
    season of “La Banda,”
    which will air this upcoming broadcast
    season and will expand to include female participants, promising to be
    even more amazing. Engagement was off the charts last season and, this
    year, audience members will have the power to select their favorite
    duets and musical themes, making for broad cross-platform activity
  • Drama – For more than five decades, UCI has engaged U.S.
    Hispanics at a strong emotional level by delivering culturally
    relevant content, captivating storylines and provocative topics in the
    form of telenovelas. This year, UCI is working with Televisa to take
    this authentic and relatable genre and reimagine it to make it more
    relevant to an evolving Hispanic consumer who is complex, bicultural,
    empowered and highly digitally connected. The approach to dramas will
    center on shorter, crisper stories on Univision Network and a focus on
    fast-paced action series and real-life stories on UniMás. New shows
    slated for the new broadcast season include, “Mujeres De Negro,
    “Tres Veces Ana,” and “El Principe,” among others, all
    of which will allow fans to consume content across multiple platforms
    in the UCI ecosystem. As the telenovela experience evolves, UCI will
    also bring more unique, innovative marketing packages, including
    transmedia experiences, to life for advertisers.

“Univision’s relationship with the consumers we serve is unparalleled
and as a result, when you partner with us, there’s a recognized halo
effect that drives awareness, consideration and ultimately purchase
decisions. We’ve been delivering results for more than five decades and
we will continue to do just that by innovating to help our partners
successfully reach and engage new consumers,” said Keith Turner,
President of Advertising Sales and Marketing for Univision
Communications. “By growing our digital video capacity and streamlining
across content verticals, we are bringing to life a new, additive
ecosystem for our marketers to reach the new rising American mainstream.
We are in business to create growth opportunities for our marketing and
agency partners and we are confident that, with our catered programming,
world-class content and ability to reach tens of millions of consumers
monthly, we can do just that, together.”

Performance Highlights:

  • The Univision Network continues to rank as one of the top five
    highest-rated broadcast networks in primetime and out-delivers every
    English-language entertainment cable network. Univision’s Democratic
    Presidential Candidate Debate also outperformed all other networks’
    debates – Republican or Democratic – among Hispanic viewers this
    political season.
  • UniMás is reporting year-over-year audience growth in both weekday
    primetime (+31%) and overall primetime (+20%). UniMás also has the
    highest millennial composition among all broadcast networks, in any
  • UDN just completed its third straight year of growth and continues to
    be the fastest-growing, No. 1 rated sports cable network among
    Hispanics in primetime, regardless of language. Settling in just
    behind Galavisión as the second highest-rated cable network for
    Hispanics, UDN delivers more viewers than all Spanish-language
    competitors. With more games than ESPN and FS1 combined, UDN also
    continues to be the top-rated network for accessing US and Mexican
    National Teams.
  • UCI’s digital reach is an estimated 34 million average monthly
    unduplicated media consumers across all Univision brands, including El
    Rey and Fusion, and reaches over an estimated 52 million average
    monthly unduplicated media consumers, including its extended networks.
    Ongoing political coverage continues to drive major audience
    growth. In the next year, UCI expects to have four times the video
    inventory available digitally as it does today.
  • Univision NOW, UCI’s direct to consumer service available on iOS,
    Android and web with a monthly or annual subscription fee, provides
    viewers live stream of the Univision and UniMás Networks as well as
    local newscasts in top markets.

For additional information and assets, including pictures, please click
here: http://bit.ly/1MeJhEC



“Mujeres de Negro” (Women in Black) – This story features strong
female characters who develop a radical plan to take control of their
lives. Vera, Johanna and Kirsi have had enough of being taken advantage
of and band together to kill their husbands and seek out new adventures.
Finally free, the ladies don’t expect that these new adventures would
include close calls with both the criminal justice system and the
criminal world. This dramatic tale will use dark humor to answer the
age-old question, is it possible to start again? And if so, at what
cost? (Primetime – Univision Network – Televisa)

“Tres Veces Ana” (The Three Sides of Ana) – This is a contemporary
story of sibling rivalry featuring the return of power couple
Angelique Boyer, playing triplets with very different personalities, and
her real-life partner Sebastián Rulli. After a car accident in their
childhood, the mischievous Ana Leticia and handicapped Ana Laura are
separated from their free-spirited sister Ana Lucia. The sisters’
individual love stories, with three steamy admirers, will present
challenges ultimately leading the sisters’ lives to intertwine, for
better or for worse. (Primetime – Univision Network – Televisa)

“La Candidata” (The Candidate) – This timely, relevant and modern
story promises to get audiences hooked. Camila Santamaria is a
charismatic politician assumed to be dead after a tragic accident. Upon
her return, she begins to uncover her husband’s corrupt ways and
ultimately decides to challenge him in a race to be the next President.
(Primetime – Univision Network – Televisa)

“Vino el Amor” (Then Love Arrived) – This telenovela, featuring
the majestic vineyards of Napa Valley, California, brings to light the
life of Mexican-Americans seeking not only the American Dream but also
success with family and love. Vicente is depressed after having lost his
wife in a seemingly-provoked accident, so much that he begins to neglect
his children and the vineyard he loves so much. His mother-in-law and
supposed best friend try to take advantage of the situation to take
Vicente’s fortune, but their plans are disrupted by an unexpected
arrival. Laura, a cheerful and spontaneous young woman who grew up on
the vineyard with her father many years ago, returns to turn Vicente’s
life upside down. Through their love-hate relationship, Laura breathes
new life into Vicente and rekindles his love for life and for his Napa
Valley vineyard. (Primetime – Univision Network – Televisa)

“El Principe” (The Prince) – Set in the troubled border district
of The Prince in the Moroccan frontier, the series begins as the young
and highly trained spy, Javier Morey, arrives with the secret mission to
infiltrate himself as the new chief inspector of the local police
station, under the suspicion that some local agents could be
collaborating with Muslim extremist cells. As he digs into the complex
world of The Prince, Morey will meet Fatima, a Muslim teacher, sister of
the most important drug trafficker in the area and of a teenage boy who
has been missing for months. Fatima is determined to find her young
brother despite the apparent indifference from local police in the case.
Although Morey will try to enlist Fatima as a confidant, it will be
impossible for him to not feel attracted to her as they spend more time
together, which could jeopardize his mission and even his own life.
(Primetime – UniMás – Mediaset)

“La Ronca de Oro” (The Voice of Freedom) – This is the real-life
story of Helena Vargas, a singer who longed to be free during the very
male chauvinist 50’s, when women had more duties than rights and were
expected to be only wives and mothers. Helena found a way to express her
deep desire for freedom through music, overcoming all obstacles in a
prejudiced society, beginning with her family. This music, after years
of struggle, would bring her success, but was also the origin of her
worst humiliations. It also became the soundtrack of her two great
loves: one that almost put an end to her life, and another one that
filled her days with happiness. Like no other, she understood that
popular music has no age, sex, nor class, and that during times of
violence, her incomparable voice would be capable of uniting an entire
nation. (Primetime – UniMás – Caracol)

“Las Hijas de Tierra Blanca” (The Daughters of Tierra Blanca)
Aurora’s life forever changed the day her father was unjustly killed
by the authorities. She used to be a regular citizen of Tierra Blanca,
but that day she became the leader of a group of women who rebelled
against everything that had to do with power. These were women whose
hands did not shake when they needed to hold a gun up against someone
else; especially if this was the only way they had to redeem Aurora´s
father´s reputation. Tierra Blanca´s female army –formed by Aurora,
Tabatha, Manuela and Yuliana– will confront the biggest drug lords with
one simple message: family, elders and women must be respected. This was
a battle that Aurora’s father had begun years ago but now she must lead
it herself so that Tierra Blanca can once again be a town of peace,
progress and solidarity. (Primetime – UniMas – W Studios)

“Bloque de Búsqueda” (Search Squad) – Inspired by real-life
events, “Bloque de Búsqueda” revolves around Col. Hernán Martín and
Capt. Antonio Gavilán, the men who created the elite Search Squad task
force to track down Pablo Escobar. Knowing the only way to catch a
criminal was to think and act like one, they operated on the edge of the
law, aligning with the drug lord’s enemies and putting their lives — as
well as those of their families — on the line to bring Colombia’s most
ruthless and elusive mobster to justice. (Primetime – UniMás – Sony)


“Fin de Semana de Campeones” (Weekend of Champions) Debuting
this July, “Fin de Semana de Campeones” is the
ultimate weekend-long Liga MX celebration hosted by Univision
Deportes. Scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, the celebration kicks
off on Friday, July 8, with a concert headlined by a Regional Mexican
artist. The celebration continues on Saturday, July 9 with “Balon de
Oro” – the Liga MX award gala, honoring the best players, coaches and
legends. The weekend closes on Sunday with two matches, the LMX
SuperCopa and the main event, “Campeón de Campeones,” the game that will
define the ultimate Liga MX champion. (Univision Network & Univision
Deportes Network)

2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup The CONCACAF Gold Cup, the
tournament that crowns a champion between Men’s national soccer teams
from North and Central America as well as from the Caribbean, returns to
Univision Deportes for its 14thedition. Twelve national teams
from the region including the United States and, reigning champion,
Mexico, will return to this tournament in the quest for regional
supremacy. Guaranteed to add extra sizzle and excitement to the summer–
it is the most highly anticipated sports tournament in 2017. (Univision
Network, UniMás & Univision Deportes Network)

“La Otra Mirada” (The Other Side of the Story) – Univision
Deportes has enlisted some of the most accomplished Latino actors,
producers and directors in television and cinema to produce deep-dive
sports documentaries focusing on the story behind the most memorable
sports moment they have ever experienced. “La Otra Mirada” will reveal
the other side of the story, leaving viewers with an indelible image of
a sports tale told by some of their favorite icons. (Primetime –
Univision Deportes Network – Univision Deportes)

“Sabado Futbolero” (Soccer Saturday) – Developed in
collaboration with Liga MX’s leadership, Univision Deportes will own
a 6-hour window of the best Liga MX soccer brought to life for
Univision’s networks. The enhanced coverage will include the most
popular teams, with even more stars, more storytelling, and more fun
than usual. With added bonus content across the network’s digital and
social channels, Liga MX will be the star of its biggest stage yet. This
is a fútbol fiesta unlike any other, in
primetime, every Saturday night during the Liga MX season. (Primetime –
Univision Network &Univision Deportes Network)

Soccer World Series – Univision Deportes is kicking-off the
inaugural Soccer World Series, an annual international youth
soccer tournament bringing together the best under 13 clubs from around
the world to compete for the title of World Champions. The tournament
will be broadcast on Univision properties in both English and Spanish.
(Primetime –Univision Deportes)

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (USA and Mexico National Men’s Soccer
Teams) –
Univision Deportes Network continues to be the number one
Spanish-language home to America’s favorite national soccer teams:
United States and Mexico. In 2017, Univision Deportes will feature both
rival powerhouses, including the two-game series between them, as they
continue their journey to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
(Primetime – Univision Network, UniMás & Univision Deportes Network)


40 y 20” – Here’s what happens when a divorced, 40-year-old dad
and his 20-year-old son live together like bachelors. There’s dating,
mischief and laugh-out-loud interactions with the ex-wife. This series
is brought to you by the successful producer of “Los Heroes del Norte.”
(Saturday’s Prime Access/Univision Network – Tuesdays/Galavisión–

Super X’s” – Lalo and Alex spend their time on the roof of their
building. They are friends, almost brothers, who share more than a few
commonalities: they do not go to school, aren’t working and are both
living with their parents on the verge of reaching the age of 30. A
curious accident changes everything when Alex gets superpowers.
The problem is that these supernatural powers come and go as they please
and all that gets accomplished is further complications in the lives of
these youngsters as they try to use these powers for the most absurd and
funny things. (Saturday’s Prime Access/Univision Network –
Thursdays/Galavisión – Televisa)

EnchufeTV” – This comedy crew has come a long way from the back
of a pickup truck. With more than ten million subscribers and 110
million views a month on YouTube, these viral comedic sketches are
proving that laughter is the key to reaching and influencing millennials
across the globe, and we’re bringing it home to Galavisión. (Primetime –
Galavisión – TouchéFilms)

“Udisea” (The Odyssey) – Udisea, the digital video entertainment
platform, will launch weekly web series exploring diverse topics and
trends for Spanish-speaking millennials. Titles such as “Boyce Avenue”
will challenge Hispanic stereotypes through the storytelling of the
charming indie-band brothers of Boyce Avenue; “Following You,” a web
novela, will tell the story of an introvert gamer that falls in love
with a famous blogger; or “Hollynovelas,” a sketch comedy series that
will take iconic scenes from classic Hollywood movies and translate them
into the language of traditional telenovelas; all provocative content
designed to fill in the gap between TV and click-bait. (Univision

The A.V. Club FUSION brings The Onion’s popular
entertainment site to television. The new weekly show from The A.V. Club
will offer smart, concise recommendations about the week’s top movies,
TV, and more, curating a pop-culture landscape for our viewers—in
addition to great content from The A.V. Club archives, like A.V.
Undercover and Pick A Choice. (Primetime – FUSION – The Onion)

The Chris Gethard Show – “The Chris Gethard Show” is a talk show
for underdogs by underdogs, for oddballs by oddballs. In true community
access fashion, “The Chris Gethard Show” creates an experience that has
no set formula and anything goes, but each show promises two things: an
immersive fan experience and something different every week. Gethard
hosts each episode with a series of special guests. (Primetime – FUSION
– Funny or Die)

“Los Cowboys” (The Cowboys) – “Los Cowboys” follows the life of
Latino Angelinos as they balance their personal lives with the hope of
making a name for themselves in the world of charrería, the
national sport of Mexico. The season will feature special cameo
appearances by Chuy Bravo, Danny Trejo, Diego Herrera, Vicente Fernandez
Jr., and Univision’s “Despierta América” personality William Valdes.
(Univision Digital – Corral 360)


“Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores” (Her Real Name Was Dolores) – In
a field dominated by men, a woman with an overwhelming personality
breaks through based on her talent, tenacity and intelligence. “Su
Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores” is the story of the perfectly imperfect
woman, a single mother of five children, the “butterfly” of the
neighborhood, who one day returns as “The Diva of Banda,” the
unrelenting Jenni Rivera. She captivated millions of fans with
powerful and relatable music, and with a headline-grabbing personal life
that often played out in the tabloids. This biopic series reveals the
true woman behind the music and the headlines as told by her former
manager, a man she publicly referred to as her fifth brother, Pete


Univision Communications Inc.
Rosemary Mercedes, 212-455-5335

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