UVLrx™ European Launch: Targeting 14th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

Showcases Clinically Proven Benefits of Intravenous Light Therapy for
Reducing Inflammation

MONTE CARLO, Monaco–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After a successful North American debut last month at the American
Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in Las Vegas, UVLrx
is pleased to announce the official European launch of
its intravenous light therapy treatment system, the model UVL1500, at
this year’s 14th
Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress
(AMWC) from March
31st to April 2nd. Under the scientific
supervision of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging
Medicine (WOSIAM), the conference will attract over 10,000 physicians
and researchers from more than 120 countries who are interested in the
role of prevention in global aesthetic and anti-aging management. At the
Congress, UVLrx Therapeutics™ will highlight the clinically proven
benefits of light wavelengths utilized by its UVLrx™ Treatment System*
for reducing inflammation, a key issue facing the entire $300 billion
global industry today.

“Inflammation is a common side effect of all aesthetic procedures,
whether they be facial laser treatments, injections or surgery,” said
Michael Harter, CEO and president of UVLrx. “By immediately reducing
inflammation caused by an aesthetic procedure, our technology will
minimize pain and accelerate healing, which in turn will lead to better
results and a more satisfied post-op patient.”

“Beyond aesthetic procedures, chronic inflammation can occur due to
pathogens in the bloodstream and just everyday stress,” commented
Rowland Hanson, chairman of UVLrx. “Left untreated, chronic inflammation
accelerates the aging process and has been linked to heart disease,
cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This is why UVLrx is an essential
adjunct therapy for physicians practicing both aesthetic and anti-aging

In addition to its exhibitor booth at the Congress, UVLrx has secured an
adjacent private salon for physician and distributor on-site
demonstrations of its CE-marked UVLrx
Station™ Model UVL1500
. Moreover, UVLrx Chief Science Officer, Ryan
Maloney, has been asked to speak at a special session at noon on Friday,
April 1st, about the efficacy of ultraviolet light and UVLrx
technology for both anti-aging and aesthetics purposes. To ensure that
Congress attendees are aware of UVLrx Therapeutics’ participation at
AMWC, the company has secured inside front cover advertising, as well as
a two-page promotional article, in the March/April issue of PRIME
, which will be distributed to all Congress attendees as well
as the publication’s nearly 100,000 additional print and online

“We look forward to sharing our technology with the global aesthetics
and anti-aging community at AMWC 2016 and demonstrating, in person, how
the UVLrx Treatment System will benefit all physicians practicing in
this field,” added UVLrx CSO Ryan Maloney. “We are especially excited
that the theme of the Congress this year is prevention, given the
clinically proven ability of the wavelengths utilized by the UVLrx
Station™ to immediately reduce inflammation caused by such things as
pathogens in the bloodstream, stress and a wide range of aesthetic
surgical procedures.”

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) has been used for over a century to
treat bacterial and viral infections and was awarded a Nobel Prize for
treating lupus in 1903. Routinely used in hospitals around the world,
this form of light therapy fell out of prominence in the U.S. with the
advent of antibiotics in the 1950s. With the recent expansion of
drug-resistant infections, blood irradiation offers significant
advantages to pharmaceutical therapies. Furthermore, UVLrx’s intravenous
system is superior to existing ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) in
that it does not require removal of blood from the body.

To learn more, visit UVLrx.com
and stop by the UVLrx Therapeutics booth (F18) at the Congress. Also be
sure to attend the lecture “The Must of Detoxification” in Room Auric
between 12:00 and 13:00 on Friday, April 1st, to hear from
UVLrx Chief Scientist Ryan Maloney.

The UVLrx Station™ Model UVL1500 is not available for sale in the U.S.

* References to published specific wavelength studies available upon

About UVLrx Therapeutics

Based in Oldsmar, Florida, UVLrx Therapeutics is dedicated to
evidence-based medicine in the field of light therapy and offers the
first intravenous, concurrent delivery of ultraviolet-A (UVA) and
multiple visible light wavelengths for treating a variety of medical
indications. In addition to two Nobel Prizes and NASA-backed research,
hundreds of international clinical trials have verified the health
benefits of UV and other wavelengths of light utilized in the UVLrx™
Treatment System. For more information, please visit http://uvlrx.com.

About EuroMediCom (organizer of AMWC)

Based in Paris, France, EuroMediCom was co-founded by Catherine
Decuyper and Christophe Luino. It is the official organizer of the
Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC). This Congress has
been launched with a strong belief that effective aging prevention and
treatment must be comprehensively addressed integrating two aspects:
using aesthetics strategy (dermatology and surgery) for the external
appearance, and applying anti-aging medicine for internal well-being.
EuroMediCom is not only present in Europe but also partner of many other
major congresses in the rest of the world. Since the development of
anti-aging medicine, EuroMediCom took an important part in the creation
of the first world premier European University Master Program in
Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine, recognized today as
the best program in the field with an official delivered master degree
by the Dresden International University. For more information, please
visit http://v1.euromedicom.com/amwc-2016/index.html.

About the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine

Based in Paris, France, the World Society of Interdisciplinary Aesthetic
and Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM) has quickly become the world’s fastest
growing anti-aging medicine society to federate international physicians
and scientific societies. The main goal of this nonprofit organization
is to promote anti-aging medicine through research and educational
events for physicians and the general public. The society is
predominantly formed by and for physicians. It is the belief of the
society’s board of directors that the best way for anti-aging medicine
to advance is by the endorsement of medical doctors competent in
administering safe, evidenced-based anti-aging therapeutics. For more
information, please visit http://www.wosiam.org.

About the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, A4M is a leading nonprofit medical society
dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of age-related
diseases. Dedicated to educating physicians, scientists and the public
on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies and preventative medicine
issues, the A4M is comprised of over 26,000 members from 120 nations
worldwide, including healthcare practitioners, scientists, researchers
and governmental officials. For more information, see http://www.a4m.com.


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