Video Callers Skew Female, Millennial, Well Educated and Affluent – GfK MRI

Overwhelming majority of video calls are made on mobile phones versus
tablets, e-readers

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nearly one quarter (23%) of all US adults who own a mobile phone,
e-reader, or tablet took part in a video call on one of those mobile
devices in the last 30 days. These tech-owning consumers often have high
incomes and high levels of education, according to the latest release of
product insights from the GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer™.

The GfK MRI data covers any apps or websites that respondents might use
for making or receiving a video call on a mobile phone (including a
smartphone), tablet or e-reader.

Of the 43.1 million adults who made or received a mobile video call, the
vast majority (85%) took part in the call with a mobile phone, compared
with 23% who used a tablet or e-reader. Over half (54%) of these mobile
video callers were female, and 59% were Millennials (ages 19 to 38),
according to the Spring 2015 Survey release.

Approximately 53% of mobile video callers have a child under the age of
18 in their households, and 37% live in homes earning $100,000 or more
annually. Respondents in households earning $250,000 or more are 59%
more likely to be video callers.

Those who have taken part in mobile video calls are 30% more likely than
the adult US population overall to have a bachelor’s degree and 34% more
likely to have a post-graduate degree. About one-third (30%) of all
students ages 18 and over have made/received video calls on mobile
phones or tablets/e-readers in the last 30 days, making them 57% more
likely to have done so than the adult US population overall.

The Spring 2015 Survey of the American Consumer data release also
provides insights into purchase and usage of a range of personal
technology products and services, including:

  • Wearable technology, including fitness trackers and smart watches and
  • Internet video devices for TV, with first-time data about users of
    Amazon Fire TV and Android TV
  • Viewing of online video services, among them Amazon Prime, Google
    Play, Hulu Plus and Netflix
  • Consumption of coconut water in relation to other beverages

GfK’s unmatched consumer database is derived from continuous
interviews with approximately 25,000 US adults each year. As part of the Survey,
respondents record their consumption of some 6,500 products in nearly
600 categories and provide details about their lifestyles and attitudes.

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