Viking Line Abp: Viking Line’s New Local Beauty Heroes Concept to Spotlight Nordic Beauty Expertise

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Viking Line’s new Local Beauty Heroes concept brings together strong
women, fascinating stories and Nordic expertise in cosmetics. The highly
competitive cosmetics market is mostly dominated by major brands. With
its own Local Beauty Heroes concept, Viking Line wants to spotlight a
selection of interesting small cosmetics brands. This concept includes
Anne Kukkohovi’s Supermood products, Isabella Löwengrip’s Care & Color
line, Yvonne Ryding’s skincare products and Marianne Tromborg’s organic
brand, Beauty of North. Tromborg’s organic products will also become
available to Finnish and Swedish consumers for the first time.

The Nordic countries, their food, music and beauty products are all the
trend right now around the world. Viking Line would therefore like to
support local businesses and strong women and offer its customers
quality Nordic expertise in the beauty industry. This concept includes
Finland’s Anne Kukkohovi, Sweden’s Yvonne Ryding and Isabella Löwengrip
and Marianne Tromborg from Denmark.

“With its Local Beauty Heroes concept, Viking Line wants to spotlight
interesting small Nordic beauty brands alongside all the international
brands. The women and beauty products included in the concept have
unique stories to tell,” says Eva Rehnström, Viking Line’s Purchasing &
Sales Manager for beauty and fashion products.

Anne Kukkohovi is a former model, noted as a creative designer and for
her own make-up line. Chaga mushroom, a fungus that typically grows on
birch trees, serves as the basis for her Supermood products. It contains
highly effective antioxidants, which have been used for centuries to
treat skin and correct pigment discoloration.

Isabella Löwengrip is a well-known blogger, with 250,000-300,000 readers
each week. Her Löwengrip Care & Color line consists of beauty products
made in Sweden. The products provide balance for sensitive skin or
scalps and are designed to meet the challenges of our Nordic climate.

Marianne Tromborg is a respected Danish make-up artist and a noted
advocate of natural beauty and a “less is more” approach. Tromborg –
Beauty of North is an organic cosmetic brand that is suitable for both
women and men. Marianne Tromborg has developed the line of products
together with her husband, who worked for many years in the
pharmaceutical industry.

Yvonne Ryding is Miss Universe 1984 and an internationally renowned
beauty. YR Skincare includes natural, high-quality beauty care products
intended to highlight people’s natural beauty. The products are made in
Swedish laboratories in a collaboration between Yvonne and Swedish
manufacturers. The products are reasonably priced relative to their high

Local Beauty Heroes products contain carefully selected ingredients. The
range includes beauty products for the face, hair and body as well as

Anne Kukkohovi, Isabella Löwengrip, Yvonne Ryding and Marianne Tromborg
will also visit Viking Line’s vessels during the year to talk about
their products and provide beauty tips. The dates for these visits will
be announced via Viking Line’s social media channels.

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