Viridian Partners with Payless Power to Provide Responsible, Affordable Energy to Texas Customers Using Innovative SmarTricity Eco PrePaid Plan

Customers in Texas can now receive responsible energy at a
discounted daily rate

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Viridian International Management, LLC (“Viridian”), a leading provider
of affordable, responsible energy, today announced a partnership with
Payless Power. Through the alliance, Viridian is able to offer customers
in Texas a co-branded rate plan, Eco PrePaid, with Payless Power. Eco
PrePaid is a new way to charge customers for utilities using a
manageable, pay-as-you-go system.

With the introduction of Eco Prepaid, Viridian now offers a
comprehensive range of rate plans in Texas, allowing customers in the
market to select a payment plan that best meets their specific needs—all
while helping to enable a positive environmental impact through the use
of responsible energy products. With Viridian and Payless Power,
customers are able to reduce their carbons emissions by 50%, supported
by the purchase of Responsible Energy Certifications (RECs).

Payless Power is a leading, no deposit electric company in Texas that
has delivered low-rate electric options to homes and businesses since
2005. Payless Power helps customers better manage their electricity
usage and budget with both discounted rates and real-time monitoring.
Customers receive daily notifications about how much energy they are
consuming as a way to monitor usage and reduce costs. Payless Power also
helps people stay connected, regardless of income or credit history.
Like many of the Payless Power rate plans, Eco PrePaid does not require
passing a credit score or supplying a large cash deposit.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer an alternative, prepaid rate plan
to customers in Texas in partnership with Payless Power,” says Paul
Booth, Viridian Chief Executive Officer. “Energy customers in Texas are
smart and are looking for dynamic options. Eco PrePaid products give
these customers daily value and the ease of simple reporting. Offering a
reasonable option for customers to make smart, sustainable energy
choices allows us, as a whole, to make an even bigger positive impact on
the environment to benefit future generations.”

Signing up for Eco PrePaid is quick and convenient. Customers enroll
online and registration does not require a credit check or deposit. Once
registered, customers can load money into an Eco PrePaid account from
which funds are deducted as electricity is used. Customers receive a
daily notification via text or email regarding their usage, account
balance and approximately how many days they have left—based on their
average daily electricity consumption—before service could be
interrupted. Customers can easily add more funds into their account
either online, by telephone or by visiting one of Payless Power’s
numerous payment centers.

“Payless Power’s goal is to help customers obtain prepaid electricity
service at rates competitive to traditional billed services, but without
the hassle, using flexible payment options in order to keep the lights
on,” says Brandon Young, Payless Power Chief Executive Officer. “In
today’s economy, prepaid electric service is becoming more popular with
homeowners and businesses. We are excited to partner with Viridian’s
dynamic network of independent Associates to ensure that these
reasonable options are available to as many Texas customers as possible.”

To learn more about Viridian and Payless Power’s Eco PrePaid plan, visit

About Payless Power

Payless Power is a Texas-based company providing customers with the best
electricity service for their homes and businesses. Unlike traditional
electric companies that require the bill be paid in full or be shut off,
Payless Power’s number one goal is cash flow flexibility for the
consumer through pay-as-you-go electricity. Since 2005, Payless Power
has been helping people in Texas stay connected, regardless of income or
credit history. Owned and operated by three brothers: Brandon, Byron and
Brian Young, the company’s founders and management team have over 50
years of combined prepaid retail industry experience and possess strong
expertise in risk management, operations, wholesale supply acquisition
and regulations governing the retail electricity industry. As a
family-owned business, Payless Power takes pride in serving customers
with care and respect.

About Viridian

Founded with the vision of empowering individuals to build the life of
their dreams, Viridian offers every independent Associate the chance to
do well by doing good. This socially responsible company connects with
consumers through a vibrant network of independent Associates, enabling
each Viridian customer to be part of a significant, positive
environmental impact. Committed to sustainability, community action and
global initiatives, Viridian offers responsible product solutions to
customers in 18 markets in the U.S. and Australia and is committed to
global expansion. Learn more at


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