VRM Telematics Observes Distracted Driving Awareness Month with Promotional Offer on Sentinel™

AT&T Network-Certified Sentinel Auto Cell Phone Monitoring System

Stops Teenage Drivers from Texting Their Lives Away

MADISON, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April is the National
Safety Council’s
Driving Awareness Month
, and VRM
is participating with a promotional offer on Sentinel
—the company’s AT&T Network-certified automobile cell phone monitoring
system. Reporting cell phone usage in real time, Sentinel is designed to
reduce distracted driving accidents and injuries by providing parents
with the real-time information needed to enforce safe driving agreements
with younger drivers.

“Sentinel helps shape driving behavior through real-time cell phone
monitoring and alerts,” said Stephen Stewart, CEO and President, VRM
Telematics. “Detecting cell phone usage, Sentinel sends out a series of
audio alerts, like seatbelt chimes, to the vehicle, notifying the
driver. Simultaneously, Sentinel account holders (most often parents)
are copied via text or email message. Reporting cell phone events in
real time, Sentinel provides the information needed by parents to
enforce safe driving behavior with younger drivers—dramatically reducing
their risk of accident and injury behind the wheel.”

What Sets Sentinel Apart (Media Points)

  • Sentinel is an AT&T Network certified auto cell phone monitoring
  • Detects ALL mobile device use inside the vehicle while moving.
  • Provides real-time alerts to the vehicle, and to Sentinel account
  • NOT a cell phone app to be ‘skirted’ by tech-savvy teens.
  • System components:

    • Easily-installed Sentinel automobile appliance
    • Account with Sentinel’s online reporting service
  • Promotion Offer (just 50 cents a day, plus a one-time $99 setup
  • Available Now at www.DriveWithSentinel.com.

About VRM Telematics

VRM Telematics, LLC, is a privately held company with offices in
Ridgeland, MS. Our team of investors, entrepreneurs and employees create
and promote solutions to end distracted driving, reduce accidents and
provide parents with a means to encourage safe driving habits in their
children. For more information, visit http://www.vrmtel.com/.

Sentinel is a trademark of VRM Telematics, LLC.


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