#WhatTheHealthCare Wants the Real, WTF, OMG Health Care Stories

HealthSparq’s #WhatTheHealthCare campaign is a big push to make the
health care industry listen to real people

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today HealthSparq
issued a call to action and a promise: give us your frustrating,
annoying, scary and crazy health care moments via the #WhatTheHealthCare
hashtag, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the rest of
the health care world hears you.

The people-first company is using the #WhatTheHealthCare campaign to
poke fun at the proverbial “Health
Care Monster
,” who is the personification of the convoluted and
frustrating system we navigate today. The Health Care Monster manifests
in many forms, like when you’re trying to find
health care costs
, decipher
surprise medical bills
, and get stuck even
in emergency situations

But it’s not always a laughing matter, and the goal is to ultimately
collect stories, videos, tweets, and more to help companies across the
industry understand how to drive product changes and developments.
HealthSparq wants to help simplify and improve the health care
experience and to push and inspire fellow health care companies,
doctors, and industry insiders; and (seriously) affect real change.

“We’re all people. It’s time for us to stop talking about ‘consumers’ or
‘patients’ and realize we are all consumers and patients. Let’s stop
talking about the system, and start listening and changing it,”
said HealthSparq Chief Marketing Officer Burt Rosen. “We believe that
health care should be people-first, and we’re laser-focused on moving
the industry in that direction through 2017 and beyond.”

Did your doctor fail to tell you about the cost of a big diagnostic test
that turned out to be unnecessary? Let’s talk about it! Did you recently
get charged with a big medical bill, but you have no idea why, and you
can’t seem to fight it? Let’s talk about it! Share your own
#WhatTheHealthCare story on Twitter
or Facebook
and follow along via the #WhatTheHealthCare

Over the course of 2017, HealthSparq will roll out a series of
initiatives designed to take these stories to the broader industry. Stay
tuned on our blog and social networks for more on this starting in

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