William H. Sadlier, Inc. Turns 185 Years Old

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the United States today, there are 5 million family-run businesses.
Of that number, only 1,100 are over 100 years old. Sadlier, Inc. is one
of the latter. In January 2017, the company celebrates 185 years of
publishing resources for Catholic schools and parishes— an impressive
statistic in book publishing today.

The company was founded by two brothers, Denis and James Sadlier,
immigrants from Ireland who began publishing materials to meet the
spiritual and educational needs of the Irish immigrant community. Their
nephew, William H. Sadlier, inspired by their dedication and mission,
established the company that bears his name. In doing so, he filled an
important gap for Catholic school children, publishing a set of primers,
history, and geography texts that included Catholic contributions to
American history.

One hundred and eighty-five years later, Sadlier is still owned by the
same family. The current Chairman of the Board, Frank Sadlier Dinger,
and President, William Sadlier Dinger, are the great-grandsons of
William H. Sadlier and direct descendants of Denis and James Sadlier.
The next generation—their children Melissa Gibbons, Angela Dinger, and
William Sadlier Dinger, Jr.—have taken on roles in the company’s
leadership team that will guide Sadlier into the future. The family
continues to publish innovative catechetical and academic resources that
serve the needs of Catholic schools and parishes with integrity,
creativity, and a commitment to ongoing excellence.

Frank Dinger names a key factor in Sadlier’s success: “We know we have
to provide the best learning tools and catechetical experience for the
child in the parish setting or school classroom. In order to do this, we
need to give the teacher the right resources for that experience to
happen. This has been our goal, and it will continue for years to come.”

Sadlier Religion programs offer quality, solid catechetical and
sacramental preparation materials that faithfully present the teachings
of the Catholic Church. William Sadlier Dinger explains the company’s
commitment to these materials: “From our earliest works, like The
Baltimore Catechism
with Study Lessons, to our first
bilingual Spanish-English textbook, Jesús nos dice, we have been
committed to providing quality catechesis that promotes the message of
the Gospel. Last year, we introduced an innovative, multimedia sacrament
program, unlike any other in the market. This is the type of originality
you will see Sadlier producing in 2017 and into the future.”

Sadlier also has a school division, which offers effective Mathematics
and English Language Arts programs for Catholic schools as well as
public schools in the United States and educational institutions around
the world. Proven curricula such as Vocabulary Workshop®, Grammar
, Grammar for Writing®, and Progress in Mathematics
provide high-quality, rigorous content that increases student
achievement and prepares them for college and life.

Sadlier will kick off its 185th Anniversary in January at the Gulf
Coast Faith Formation Conference
in New Orleans, LA. Activities
include special offers and celebrations to thank their loyal customers
at this event and others throughout the year. In honor of this
celebration, Sadlier is also launching a new webinar series in
partnership with the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership and
the National Catholic Educational Association, providing free
professional development to catechetical leaders, catechists, and

S®, Sadlier®, Vocabulary Workshop®, and Grammar for Writing® are
registered trademarks of William H. Sadlier, Inc.


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