Wilsonart Teams with RetroRenovation.com for Project Boomerang

Seven New Colorways Created for Homeowners Decorating Kitchens and
Bathrooms in Midcentury and Vintage Styles

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Put on your poodle skirts! Make some milkshakes! Stack up those 45s! Wilsonart,
a leading manufacturer of decorative engineered surfaces for 60 years,
has teamed up with home design bloggers Pam Kueber and Kate Battle of RetroRenovation.com
to introduce Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart, seven new
colorways of boomerang laminate designs. Developed to coordinate with
both vintage materials and new products available in classic retro
colors, the seven new colorways were designed to appeal to the growing
number of homeowners who want to bring popular colors from the 1940s,
1950s and 1960s into their kitchens and bathrooms.

Finding small-scale, tone-on-tone, abstract pattern laminates in a
variety of retro colors has been a particularly vexing problem for Retro
Renovators, until now. The new boomerang designs, part of Wilsonart’s
Virtual Design Library (VDL) “Retro” category, combine with other
abstract shapes in the following colorways:

  • Retro Renovation® First Lady Pink – A
    warm pink color popularized by Mamie Eisenhower in the 1950s, super
    popular in pink bathrooms and great for a sweetheart kitchen, too.
  • Retro Renovation® Delightful Jade
    Inspired by vintage jadeite milk glass, a beloved color and
    collectible among retro enthusiasts. Kate used this color in her 1962
    bathroom. We love it for vintage-style kitchens, too.
  • Retro Renovation® Créme Caramel – A
    delicious pale golden yellow background with butterscotch boomerangs.
    This colorway looks great with wood cabinetry.
  • Retro Renovation® Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby
    The only design that is not tone-on-tone, this one is a bold retro
    design inspired by diners with waitresses on roller skates.
  • Retro Renovation® Aqua Ripple – A
    soft, retro aqua that also plays well with blue.
  • Retro Renovation® Nostalgic Gray – A
    warm, relatively light gray that would work well as a neutral or with
    color-coordinated tiles or décor.
  • Retro Renovation® Friendly Beige – A
    warm, light rosy-beige also intended as a neutral.

Tapping Wilsonart’s Design Heritage
“With an ever expanding
collection of curated laminate designs, our Virtual Design Library
allows for beautiful, individual, customization. VDL gives the designer
the opportunity to make every space unique,” said Natalia Smith, product
design manager at Wilsonart. “From High Pressure Laminate designs that
include footballs to folk art, and checkerboards to cherry groves, the
digital design library contains something for every space or
inspiration. Adding Retro Renovation by Wilsonart to our collection will
expand our selection of popular retro patterns.”

“My blog is all about helping owners of midcentury and vintage homes
find the products they need to get their projects done,” said Pam
Kueber, publisher of RetroRenovation.com, a popular home renovation
design and decorating website with more than 325,000 unique visitors
each month. “Because this market is still a niche, there’s been a real
shortage of mass-market laminates available to use in retro kitchens and
baths. When I learned about the flexibility of the Virtual Design
Library, I knew it was a great place to offer these beautiful
retro-classic colorways.”

Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart will be available online
February 1. For more information about Wilsonart products, including the
new Retro Renovation by Wilsonart, visit www.wilsonart.com
or call 1-800-433-3222.

About Retro Renovation
Founded by mid mod mad journalist Pam
Kueber in 2007, RetroRenovation.com today attracts more than 325,000
unique visitors each month – enthusiastic fans of midcentury and vintage
design who are looking for products and ideas to help remodel, renovate
and decorate their homes in a way that is sympathetic to the original
architecture. The site’s top goal is to help readers find the often
hard-to-find products they need to get their projects done. It contains
more than 3,000 stories, including categorized research on scores of
products suitable to renovate and decorate a midcentury home; detailed
stories about readers’ remodels; photos of more than 100 time capsule
houses to scrutinize for ideas; an archive of rare architectural
features from the era; a history of vintage steel kitchen cabinets and
list of more than 70 brands, and more. The New York Times called
RetroRenovation.com “the go-to destination for enthusiasts who want to
restore houses built during the post-World War II boom.”

About Wilsonart
Wilsonart is one of the world’s leading
manufacturers and distributors of High Pressure Laminates and other
engineered surfaces used in furniture, office and retail space,
countertops, worktops and other applications. The company operates under
the Wilsonart®, Resopal®, Polyrey®,
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