Workplace Equality Index (EQLT)® Updates Portfolio of LGBT Equality-Minded Corporations

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Denver Investments announced today that it has completed its year-end
review and reconstitution of the Workplace Equality Index®.
At year’s end, the Index will be composed of 242 U.S. corporations, the
largest number in the Index since its inception. To see the new Index
holdings, please visit:

The Workplace Equality Index® is a stock index that includes
many of America’s leading equality-minded corporations. It consists
of publicly-traded companies that support lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) equality in the workplace. The Index was created by
Denver Investments at the request of its clients and incepted in 2001.
According to John Roberts, founder of the Workplace Equality Index® and
a partner at Denver Investments, “Our research suggests that
forward-looking corporations also are among the most progressive and
inclusive. This also tends to make them market leaders given their
growing demand for diverse, high-performing talent.”

This month, the Index’s nine-person external Advisory Board conducted
its annual review of companies in the Index, to assess whether changes
needed to be made, including the addition or removal of any stocks to
the Index. To be eligible for inclusion in the Index, companies must:

  • Have an equal employment opportunity statement that prohibits
    discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • Extend full benefits (health, dental, etc.) for same-sex spouses,
    domestic partners, and also include coverage for transgender
  • Provide support for employee LGBT groups and the LGBT community in
  • Have a minimum market capitalization of $250 million at time of
    inclusion in the Index;
  • Average trading volume of $2 million for the previous 30 days;
  • Must have its stock trade in the U.S. and the company conduct business
    in the U.S.; and
  • Not currently be in bankruptcy or reorganization.

Following its review, the Advisory Board determined that two companies
should be removed, and added 43 companies to the index, including
financial data provider Markit and Colorado’s own Level 3 Communications.

The companies added to the portfolio are a diverse group, representing
what we believe to be the best publicly-traded LGBT-inclusive companies
in America. “Inclusion in the Workplace Equality Index®
reflects our genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion and
supporting employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender
identity,” said Laurinda Pang, Chief Administrative Officer. “Level 3
takes pride in offering benefits to LGBT employees and their families
that meet their healthcare, family planning and financial needs.”

“Diversity and inclusiveness are essential to Markit’s culture and our
success,” said Lance Uggla, CEO of Markit. “We are delighted to be
included in the Workplace Equality Index® and to be
recognized as one of the more LGBT-inclusive public companies trading in
the US.”

About the Workplace Equality Index® Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of business leaders from the LGBT community.
The Board provides the critical function of approving any changes to the
Index and Index rules as part of the Index Committee. It also is tasked
with providing feedback and knowledgeable perspective on marketing and
advertising strategies. The members of the Board include:

Steve Brandwein, Phoenix, Arizona
Robert Corzo,
Beverly Hills, California
John Farnam, Denver, Colorado
Kevin Jones,
Petaluma, California
Bill Lewis, Phoenix,
Debra A. Neiman, CFP®, Boston, Massachusetts
, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Todd Sears, New York, New
Meghan Stabler, Austin, Texas

For full biographies and backgrounds of the Advisory Board members,
please visit

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