World’s First 24-Hour Going Supernova Facebook Live Marathon Explores the Limitless Nature of Human Potential

New audiobook serves up bite-size stories of legendary achievement
to inspire the soul and ignite your passion and purpose!

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GoSupernova–On Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at the stroke of midnight, the Going
Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers
 audiobook will
stream Facebook Live broadcasts for 24 hours to inspire the
superachievers of tomorrow to reach for the stars and Go Supernova! The
launch is scheduled to coincide with Labor Day Week to celebrate human
achievement. Viewers can tune in and watch superachievers preview their
stories, updating everyone on their latest achievements and sharing
inspiration and shortcuts to success on how to boldly go where your own
human potential may not have even dared to dream to go! Each
superachiever will stream live on their own Facebook page with each
video also being shared at:

The marathon will kickoff with a special pre-show of Going Supernova
author and mentorographer Molly Lavik streaming live interviews in the
studio where the audio book was created on September 6th from
9:00 p.m. to midnight PDT at Plastic Dog Recording in Los Angeles, CA.
The live streams will then continue throughout the entire day of
September 7th with a list of the following superachievers
scheduled to participate available by visiting:

About Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers

Molly Lavik has curated the lessons and insights of 101+ superachievers
in a collection of life stories that you, too, can use—no matter what
your goal or past experience may be—to pave your own path to success,
happiness, and self-fulfillment. She calls this concept Going Supernova,
because it can help you, too, become one of the brightest stars in the

Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers was
recently released as an audiobook and is available from Audible, an
Amazon company.

To hear a sample and purchase the audiobook, go to:

Going Supernova is also available for sale in both a printed and
eBook format on Amazon (
and as a Nook book from Barnes and Noble (

Cover Photo Features:
Patty Wagstaff, Founder
Patty Wagstaff
Aerobatic School
Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc.

Cover Photography Credit:
Scott Slocum

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