World’s Smallest Attachable Eyewear Camera Comes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

PogoTec Showcasing Revolutionary PogoCam at ShowStoppers Media Event

More Than 25 Compatible Frame Styles, Including Designs from Foster
Grant and Ocean Pacific; Handmade Italian Frames from Vista Eyewear and
Sports Wrap Sunglasses from Argus Vision.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PogoTec today announced strategic partnerships with leading designers
and marketers of prescription and non-prescription eyewear to
manufacture and distribute compatible frames for PogoCam™, the world’s
smallest wearable camera attachable to eyewear.

PogoCam will be showcased for the first time at the January 5th
ShowStoppers media event during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las
Vegas. Joining PogoTec at booth D-14-16 will be representatives from FGX
International, ClearVision Optical, Argus Vision and Vista Eyewear.

On display will be more than 25 frame styles with PogoTrack™, a
proprietary universal platform for a wide range of future electronic
wearable devices over and beyond the PogoCam camera. Additional future
potential compatible wearables could be, by example only, an alertness
monitor to prevent drivers from falling asleep and a UV meter to prevent
sunburn by alerting users when exposed to damaging rays. The display
will include:

  • 12 styles of Foster Grant sunglasses by FGX International (six styles
    in two colors each);
  • 12 styles of Ocean Pacific eyewear from ClearVision Optical in both
    prescription optical and sunglass categories;
  • A complete line of Argus Vision sunglasses in a rugged and lightweight
    wrap design; and
  • Designs from Vista Eyewear, an award-winning Italian designer and
    manufacturer known for handmade frames that combine forward-looking
    fashion, technology and innovative materials.

“PogoCam is truly a wearable camera for everyone,” said Ron Blum,
Founder, President and CEO of PogoTec. “Our user-friendly PogoCam
interface, combined with our frame partners’ innovative frame styles
with many more to come in the future, makes PogoCam accessible and
appealing to any lifestyle. We are experiencing a turning point that
will make hand-held photography cumbersome and obsolete. PogoCam removes
the user from the confines of a viewfinder, allowing people to enjoy and
pay attention to the event while capturing it. The user can easily share
their images or video with friends and family.”

PogoCam utilizes a proprietary new electronic architecture that allows
the highest level of miniaturization with lower power requirements than
competitive cameras for the same level of high image resolution, memory
capacity and performance. Multiple patent applications have been filed.
PogoCam was designed for the mass market at large – those who require
prescription eyeglasses and those who do not require prescription
eyeglasses. PogoCam’s extremely small size allows it to be worn without
distracting from the fashion look of eyewear.

Weighing less than two dimes and measuring only 10.9 x 12.5 x 42.8
millimeters, PogoCam attaches magnetically to eyewear having a
proprietary track called PogoTrack. PogoCam allows a user to capture
images and video with audio taken by a typical user during the course of
a day. PogoCam allows people to “look and shoot” up to 100 photographs
or two minutes of continuous HD video with audio (or 12 ten second
clips). When in use, the camera displays a visible courtesy light that
blinks allowing those being photographed to know. When not in use or if
in an environment where photography is discouraged, it can be slid back
on the track or easily removed. PogoCam’s accompanying patent pending
mobile app provides auto centering, auto alignment and image rotation –
eliminating the need for a camera viewfinder by automating certain post
processing adjustments normally required for manual cameras. The image
quality is comparable to that of one’s smartphone.

“This is the first practical, high-quality wearable camera for the mass
market capable of being worn socially that allows people to experience
the moment and at the same time take photos or video with audio,” added
Blum. “This is all accomplished while wearing eyewear in the fashion
style of their choosing. Just “look and shoot”, the camera and app do
the rest of the work for you. Further, our proprietary architecture
ensures that PogoCam will remain the smallest wearable camera when
comparing image quality, memory, power requirements and performance.”

“Eyeglasses are arguably the world’s oldest, most successful wearable
technology,” added Richard Clompus, OD, FAAO, who is VP of Communication
and Consumer Interaction for PogoTec. “PogoCam upgrades this wearable
platform with the ability to capture visual memories without the
intrusion of holding a camera or looking through a view screen. This is
the beginning of the ‘post-smartphone’ camera era. We look forward to
introducing additional capabilities and enhancing the value of PogoTrack
as a platform for wearable technology.”

In addition to the current offering, PogoTec is exploring options to
adapt PogoCam for use in such industries as construction, public safety,
industrial, security and medical applications.

About PogoCam

PogoCam was designed for the mass market and is easy to use. It comes
equipped with a five megapixel sensor providing quality photos or video
comparable to a smartphone. The camera is resistant to water and
perspiration. PogoCam is capable of capturing in excess of what a
typical user would take per day. PogoCam can capture and store 100 still
photographs or up to two minutes of continuous video having 720p HD
video at 30 frames/second with full audio (12 10-second clips) before
having to be downloaded and charged. The camera is activated by pressing
a single button and images are uploaded to a mobile device. PogoCam’s
camera function is focus free with auto- white balance making it easy
for the user to capture high quality images and video. A Smart Case that
easily fits in one’s pocket is included with each PogoCam. Simply insert
PogoCam into the Smart Case and it can recharge PogoCam up to five times
in as little as 35 minutes for each recharge cycle. The Smart Case also
transmits your images and video wirelessly to your smartphone using
Bluetooth while it backs up your memories to its internal memory chip
PogoCam is designed to attach magnetically to frames having PogoTrack
technology. While attached, PogoCam can be moved along the length of the
track – allowing the user to bring it forward only when in use. The
camera can be attached and removed easily with one hand without removing
the frames, allowing it to be stored in a pocket or purse when not
recording images.


PogoCam and PogoTrack plans to be available at thousands of consumer
locations in 2017, including eye care offices, optical shops, big box
and specialty stores in the U.S. PogoCam and well-known branded
non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack will be bundled for sale on
the PogoCam ecommerce site,
Prescription eyewear with PogoTrack will also be available in optical
shops and eye care offices in 2017. Additional channel partners are
being added for 2018 and beyond.

Pricing and Availability

PogoCam, including its wireless Smart Case and other accessories will
have a suggested retail price of $149.00. PogoCam will be officially
launched on March 30, 2017 at the International Vision Expo
East Conference in NYC. When purchasing a PogoCam on PogoTec’s ecommerce
site,, initial customers purchasing PogoCam will receive a
free pair of branded non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack.

About PogoTec

PogoTec™, Inc is a privately owned company incorporated in Delaware. Its
core initiative is to enable electronic wearable devices with a special
focus on eyewear. PogoTec’s product offerings consist of; PogoTrack: a
proprietary attachment means for attaching electronic wearable devices
to eyewear while maintaining the fashion look of eyewear and PogoCam:
the world’s smallest look and shoot camera attachable to eyewear.
PogoTec’s management team and Board of Directors have extensive
experience in creating and commercializing innovation. PogoTec has been
extremely diligent in protecting its intellectual property and has
numerous patent applications filed around the world. For more
information about PogoTec, please visit


Makovsky for PogoTec
Michael Goodwin, 212-508-9639