YI Home Camera 2™ Coming to Amazon and YITechnology.com

Advanced, smart home monitoring system offers users complete coverage
and control of content

Technology Inc
. (“YI”), an international imaging technology leader
and maker of world-wide best selling home monitoring systems, today
announced the upcoming launch of its second generation home monitoring
system. The YI Home Camera 2™ is the world’s first intelligent home
video monitoring system that offers users complete coverage and control
of all of their content, whether monitoring children, pets, homes or
businesses. The dramatically enhanced YI Home Camera 2 features an
advanced Ambarella (NASDAQ:AMBA) camera processor and will soon be
available for $129.99 on YITechnology.com and Amazon.com.

“To learn what users truly want in a smart home monitoring system, we
spent thousands of hours on research and development listening to
feedback from our 3.5 million active users in 10 international markets,
and closely examined the challenges with alternative solutions,” said
Sean Da, co-founder and CEO of YI Technology. “We know that people are
looking for three things – content, coverage and control. But until now,
they have had to compromise at least one of those features in order to
get the other two. People should not have to make trade-offs when it
comes to achieving peace of mind about the things most important to

With the YI Home Camera 2, users own all of the content captured by
their device and have complete control over how it is stored and
accessed. Users can view live-stream content from the YI Home app, or
access their locally stored content history on the included MicroSD
card. Content storage and access is free. In the future, YI will offer
an optional U.S.-based cloud video service.

The YI Home Camera 2 delivers the highest quality video in the most
useful and practical way. Its sleek design houses an advanced Ambarella
S2LM HD IP camera SoC (System on Chip), providing clear images even in
challenging lighting conditions and with very low bitrates.

“YI Technology’s Home Camera 2 addresses consumer demand for a home
security camera that gives users control of their content and allows
them to connect a number of cameras throughout their homes or
businesses,” said Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella.
“Ambarella’s S2LM IP Camera SoC plays an integral part by offering Full
HD video capture and a powerful platform for YI Technology’s advanced

Specs and Features

With the YI Home Camera 2, users will experience significant upgrades to
viewing and sound quality, camera angles, and recognition features
compared to the existing YI Home Camera, a number one best seller on
Amazon since its launch in December 2015. Key features include:

  • Smart Video Technology: The YI Home Camera 2
    features cutting edge Smart Video technology, YI’s proprietary
    imaging and video analytics technology. This ensures that the video
    and audio that users want, is captured in the highest fidelity and
    delivered in the most useful, practical way. A full HD 1080P
    Panasonic™ CMOS sensor combined with Ambarella’s S2LM™ IP camera SoC
    deliver high quality, low bit rate H.264 video.
  • Picture Quality: The YI Home Camera 2 increases the viewing
    angle by roughly 20 percent, further expands viewing coverage and
    reduces blind spots with a 130° ultra-wide angle lens. It also offers
    sophisticated features such as a HDR, lens distortion correction and
    infrared LED night vision.
  • Audio / Voice Quality: YI Home Camera 2 applies the latest
    audio encoding technology to produce higher sound quality and
    eliminate environmental noise. The two-way audio feature supports a
    sampling rate of up to 48 KHz.
  • Gesture Detection: A user in the home can automatically send a
    10-second video to a remote user’s mobile device by following a simple
    gesture. The user raises an arm with a palm fully opened in front of
    the camera; the camera acknowledges presence with a voice prompt and
    the user closes his or her fist. Upon completing the sequence, the
    camera will start recording the video and send it to the accompanying
  • Human Detection: The YI Home Camera 2 is able to recognize a
    human figure and filter out non-human objects or activities that
    generate false alerts, thus reducing irrelevant alerts triggered by
    environmental factors. Intelligent vision analysis algorithms only
    send alerts when appropriate movement is detected.
  • iOS and Android App: The accompanying YI Home app provides a
    live view of multiple cameras and can be scaled to an unlimited number
    of units, rooms, homes and remote locations. Users can receive alerts
    on multiple devices, manage and customize preferences and securely
    store and manage all content.
  • Baby Crying Detection: The YI Home Camera 2 will be able to
    detect the sound of a baby crying and will send an alert to the user’s
    mobile device.

The YI Home Camera 2 is one solution in YI Technology’s growing range of
offerings, which also includes action cameras. It is part of the
company’s mission to offer the world’s very best imaging technology at
great value and to make it practical and personal for real people to use
every day.

Pricing & Availability

The YI Home Camera 2 will soon be available to purchase in the U.S. for
$129.99 on YITechnology.com and Amazon.com with a 32GB Micro SD card
included. For the same price as one of a competitor’s products, users
can purchase multiple YI’s to cover an entire home or office. YI will
begin to release the YI Home Camera 2 in other international markets
throughout 2016.

About YI Technology

YI Technology is a leading, international provider of advanced,
intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms. Our
development team consists of industry-leading experts from US, China,
Japan and Israel with several decades of combined experience in imaging
technology, algorithms, data analysis, cloud computing and mobile
applications. We are committed to using innovative technology to make
everyday life safer, richer and more fun.

We believe that the very best imaging and sensing technology should be
easy and accessible to everyone. With our passion, hard work and
commitment to combining the highest quality technology solutions with
value, we can provide millions of users of all ages from every corner of
the world with peace of mind, and inspire greater connection between
families, friends and communities.

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