Zane Benefits Announces Launch of PeopleKeep Health

is pleased to announce the launch of its new solution,
PeopleKeep Health, now available to all small businesses due to the
passage of the Small
Business Healthcare Relief Act
, included in the 21st Century Cures
Act. The law, to be signed by President Obama today, restores a class of
stand-alone Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) for small
businesses and creates clarity around the issue of tax-free individual
health insurance reimbursement.

The Small Business Healthcare Relief Act clarifies how small businesses
can use the new HRAs to assist employees with out-of-pocket health
insurance and medical costs. Now, small businesses have a simple and
compliant option to help employees pay for personal health insurance and
out-of-pocket medical expenses through PeopleKeep Health.

Since 2006, Zane Benefits has helped small businesses offer simple,
compliant and personalized employee benefits. By streamlining the
personalization of employee benefits, PeopleKeep Health enables small
businesses to focus on what they do best, running their business. Rick
Lindquist, CEO of Zane Benefits, identified the limited access to HRAs
due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act, and over the past three
years, has been actively pushing for a solution. Through thought
leadership and Zane Benefits, he has driven awareness of this problem in
order to streamline access to HRAs for small businesses across the

“The inclusion of the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act in the 21st
Century Cures Act is a huge win for small businesses,” said Rick
Lindquist, President and CEO of Zane Benefits. “Under the Affordable
Care Act, access to HRAs was extremely limited. Our new platform,
PeopleKeep Health, is a private sector solution to this public sector

We pushed for passage of this legislation so that small businesses would
have expanded access to HRAs. As of today, small businesses can now set
up a health reimbursement plan that complies with the new law, in just a
few minutes online. Owners of small businesses deserve the right to
simple, compliant and personalized health insurance options, and now
they do through PeopleKeep Health.”

An HRA enables employers to make available dollars (up to $4,950 for
individuals and $10,000 for families per year) for their employees’
out-of-pocket costs. Employees can then use that money as reimbursement
for out-of-pocket health insurance and medical expenses. All
reimbursements are tax deductible to the employer and tax-free to the
employees. PeopleKeep Health enables small businesses to set a monthly
allowance and communicate the benefit to employees. Employees can then
request reimbursement online by attaching documentation. PeopleKeep then
reviews and verifies the documentation, and the company reimburses
employees tax-free.

“With Zane Benefits, we have been able to streamline our benefits
process and offer personalized options for our employees and clients,”
said Josiah Allis, President and Co-founder of Design
, a Colorado-based employee benefits advisor and Zane Benefits
customer since 2009. “Rick Lindquist and Zane Benefits are the foremost
experts on tax-free individual health insurance reimbursement. Zane
Benefits’ leadership has been instrumental in making stand-alone HRAs
available to small businesses again through the passage of the bill. We
are excited for this announcement and the positive impact it will have
on our employees and our clients.”

For more information on the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act, click here.

About Rick Lindquist
Rick Lindquist is President and CEO of
Zane Benefits. Lindquist is a frequent speaker and reference for his
expertise on personalized employee benefits, tax and health policy, and
the Affordable Care Act. He is the co-author of The End of
Employer-Provided Health Insurance (Wiley 2014) and has been featured in
numerous publications including The New York Times, Bloomberg, PBS, and
Inc. Rick joined Zane Benefits as its thirteenth employee in 2007 and
took over as President in 2011. Rick received a B.S. in Economics and a
B.A. in Computer Science from Duke University.

About Zane Benefits
Zane Benefits was founded in 2006 with a
mission to personalize employee benefits for small business. We have a
vision for the world where employee benefits are actually beneficial to
employees. “Personalized” is the word we use to describe that vision.
Our software platform, PeopleKeep, helps small businesses hire and keep
their people. PeopleKeep’s HR and employee benefits solutions are
simple, compliant and personalized.

PeopleKeep Health is our employee health benefits solution. PeopleKeep
Health automates compliance and simplifies administrative tasks so small
businesses can provide personalized health benefits to their employees.
With PeopleKeep Health, employees buy their own health insurance and the
company makes available tax-free dollars to help with out-of-pocket
costs. PeopleKeep Health includes a compliant health reimbursement plan,
personalized online shopping assistance for employees, and simple
administrative tools. For more information, visit


For Zane Benefits:
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