Fatheadz Goes Skinny: XL Eyewear Brand Releases Six New Smaller Width Sunglasses

Fatheadz debuts stylish, smaller width versions of popular frames

, the only maker of XL sunglass frames, announces the launch
of its new line, Fatheadz
Goes Skinny
. The new line includes six of Fatheadz’s most popular
frames, adjusted to fit average-sized heads.

“Fatheadz is known as the go-to brand if you have a large head, but want
stylish sunglasses,” said CEO and founder, Rico Elmore. “But we know we
have fans outside this niche portion of the eyewear market. For those
wanting the Fatheadz style, but not in need of large frames, Fatheadz
Goes Skinny provides frames that fit.”

The Fatheadz Goes Skinny line features six frames including Draw, Ace,
Backspin, Cut, Fade and Knuckleduster. Each has polarized lenses and
range from 130-141 mm in frame width. Knuckleduster, the most popular
style, comes in a black frame with a choice of smoke, blue, red or brown
lenses. All other Skinny frames come with a smoke lens. Each pair of
sunglasses in the Skinny line are under $100 for a limited time only and
come with a microfiber bag.

Currently available online only, Fatheadz offers stylish sunwear and
optical solutions for men and women, including impact-resistant,
glare-reducing polarized or non-polarized lenses with metal or plastic
frames for widths from 130mm to 164mm for men and 127mm to 145mm for
women. Eyewear options range from $40 to $240 retail price.

For more information on Fatheadz, visit the Fatheadz

About Fatheadz:

Fatheadz Eyewear makes oversized sunglasses and optical eyewear for
individuals with larger heads, as well as eyewear in standard and
intermediate sizes. Fatheadz has multiple different styles of eyewear
available for purchase worldwide. Size does matter with Fatheadz.


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