Lantern Credit Partners with Plaid to Build More Accessible Financial Platforms

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On a mission to promote financial health, Lantern, a financial
technology platform provider, announced today that it has integrated
with financial infrastructure company Plaid.

The collaboration brings together two FinTech innovators dedicated to
delivering higher-quality solutions within the existing financial
landscape. Lantern’s innovative applications, which leverage Plaid’s
technology, empower consumers to interact with their credit profiles in
novel ways, driving solutions that benefit the entire ecosystem.

“Consumers should be able to access and make use of their personal
financial data in a dynamic, context-rich way that gives them more
choices, deeper insight, and greater control over their financial
lives,” said Sima Gandhi, Head of Business Development at Plaid.
“Informed consumers with access to more current data are better able to
make decisions about their financial futures.”

The Lantern CreditTM Platform integrates and enhances key
components of the consumer credit ecosystem by removing inefficiencies
that hinder financial institutions and consumers working together to
build financial wellness. Plaid’s technology platform makes it possible
for applications like Lantern CreditTM to build products that
help consumers lead better lives.

“Making important financial decisions – whether as a banker or a
consumer – is only as effective as the accuracy of the underlying data
and technology infrastructure available,” said Chad Swensen, CEO of
Lantern Credit. “Our partnership with Plaid will provide our banking
partners with better technology, tools, and strategies to better
understand their own customers’ current financial situation—and help
them reach their goals.”

About Lantern Credit

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., Lantern Credit, LLC is a
financial technology company working to solve systemic inefficiencies in
the consumer credit market by developing a proprietary platform that
integrates and enhances key components of the consumer credit, debt,
credit reporting and scoring industries. The Company’s transformative
technology, including the Interactive Credit ReportTM,
empowers consumers to model the impact of their financial actions on
their credit scores, make payments, and accept new credit offers. The
Lantern Platform can be licensed by financial institutions and strategic
partners. For more information, visit

About Plaid

Plaid is a financial technology platform that enables applications to
connect with users’ bank accounts. Headquartered in San Francisco,
Calif., Plaid focuses on lowering the barriers to innovation in
financial services by modernizing banking infrastructure. The team
builds beautiful consumer experiences, user-friendly infrastructure, and
intelligence tools that give everyone the ability to develop the future
of financial services. For more information, visit


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