PetSmart® Offers Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Calm during Severe Weather

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Matthew roared
ashore Haiti yesterday as a Category Four Storm, putting the U.S. on
alert for heavy rainfall and potential flooding along the East Coast.
PetSmart and PetSmart Charities™ offer tips to help pet
owners keep their best friends safe during severe weather.

“The best way to keep pets safe during a storm is to be prepared and
have a disaster plan,” said Simon Starkey, DVM, one of PetSmart’s
resident veterinarian and pet care experts. “It is common to overlook
pets when preparing for a storm, but taking a few simple steps to
include your pets’ needs in your family preparedness plan will help
ensure they are comfortable and safe before, during and after a storm.”

Starkey suggests the following pet preparedness measures:

  • Ensure your pets are safely contained. When severe weather warnings go
    into effect, crate or kennel your animals. This is a good time to
    consider getting a pet carrier if you don’t already have one. These
    are easy solutions to keep your dog or cat contained and ready to
    travel at a moment’s notice. Also, have buckets on hand for fish and
    turtles in the event you need to transport them – this is a safer
    alternative than transporting these pets in glass bowls or aquariums.
  • Look for pet-friendly housing options for your pet should you need to
    evacuate your home. Ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations,
    which are often needed for boarding, and that you have enough supply
    of any medication your pet may be taking.
  • Make sure your pet has identification. Countless pets go missing after
    storms. Proper ID on your pet is the best assurance you and your pet
    are reunited in the event you are separated.
  • Be aware of “paw-level” hazards post-storm. Sharp debris, toxic
    spilled chemicals, fertilizers and other substances on the floor of
    the home or ground outside may pose less risk to upright humans, but
    can be dangerous to ground-level pets.
  • Severe weather can be frightening to pets. Provide your dog or cat
    with a familiar toy or blanket or try aids like calming sprays,
    collars, chews, supplements or a ThunderShirt™ anxiety shirt to help
    ease anxiety.
  • Ensure you have a pet disaster supply kit ready for immediate
    departure. Create a kit including the following in an easy-to-carry
    waterproof container:

    • One-week supply of food and fresh water
    • Hard copies of each pet’s updated vaccination records
    • Extra supply of medication (if refrigeration is necessary, have
      easy access to a small, insulated bag or cooler)
    • First-Aid items such as antiseptic spray, antibacterial ointment
      and liquid bandage products, which are easy solutions that deliver
      quick first-aid care in the event of a pet injury
    • List of regional pet-friendly hotels
    • Bed, carrier or leash for each animal

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Disaster Relief for Pets in Need

Following a natural disaster, the role of local animal welfare
organizations in the impacted communities is crucial for providing
immediate support to pets in need and their families.

PetSmart Charities®, the largest funder of animal welfare in the United
States, has strong relationships with thousands of local organizations
and is available to provide funding support to response teams on the
front lines that help displaced and abandoned pets in times of weather
crises and natural disasters. With the help of local animal welfare
organizations, PetSmart Charities has assisted more than 230,000 pets
during emergency relief efforts since 2007. Following the storm,
nonprofit organizations are encouraged to contact PetSmart Charities for
available emergency relief funding at

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