Philips SpeechLive Now Features Transcription and Speech Recognition Service

Philips takes the complete dictation workflow to the cloud

Processing Solutions
, the global number one in professional dictation
has just launched their latest update of Philips SpeechLive cloud
dictation workflow solution. The latest release now offers a
fully-integrated speech
recognition service
which turns recordings into text.

The new SpeechLive speech recognition service

The speech
service allows customers to get more done in less time.
Everyone from real estate agents, journalists, finance professionals and
people in the legal, healthcare and insurance industry can save time and
money by having their recordings automatically typed up for them. “Philips
SpeechLive allows
busy professionals to concentrate on their core
competencies and maximize their billable hours.”
explains Dr. Thomas
Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.

Notes, tasks and documents can simply be recorded with a Philips voice
recorder or the Philips dictation recorder smartphone app and the
SpeechLive speech
service transcribes the files almost immediately. The
new service is available for 21 different languages. As an introductory
offer, Philips is giving its customers 10 free speech recognition
minutes per user every month.

Speak, send, done

Philips SpeechLive allows users to easily send dictations from anywhere
to the cloud and have their assistant transcribe the files for them.
Automated forwarding rules between multiple authors and transcriptionists
facilitate a smooth workflow. Users can take advantage of the SpeechLive
speech recognition service or distribute workload through the SpeechLive
transcription service, where industry-specific and trained professionals
type up the recordings. SpeechLive also supports online transcription.
Play your dictation directly in your web browser, connect a foot pedal
to your PC and start transcribing.

Philips SpeechLive is more powerful than ever before

New workflow configuration options allow support for new hardware
devices and the option to have up to 50 users per SpeechLive account.
Customers also benefit from improved SpeechLive browser clients, as well
as the new option to purchase SpeechLive directly at their preferred
SpeechLive partner within the Philips Certified Dictation Reseller
network, without the need for credit card payment. The Philips dictation
recorder app
has also been updated to work in perfect harmony with
the new services.

SpeechLive supports busy professionals

“Philips SpeechLive is perfect for people like me, who are on the go
often. I have all my recordings in one place and can send them directly
from my mobile phone. This ensures an effectively use of time”
, says
Dr. Peter Klein, lawyer at PFKA Law Office. “The number of SpeechLive
users is growing constantly, and both authors and transcriptionists
agree that the solution increases their company’s productivity” adds Dr.

To sign up for a 30-day free no obligation Philips SpeechLive trial,

Or contact your local Philips SpeechLive reseller.

About Speech Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions
is the global number one in professional
dictation. Founded in Austria in 1954 as part of Philips, the company
has been the driving force in speech-to-text
innovations for over 60 years. Always striving for excellence and
putting emphasis on outstanding quality, the company has designed
groundbreaking products, such as the portable Philips
Pocket Memo voice recorder
, the Philips
SpeechMike Premium
dictation microphone and the Philips
dictation recorder app
for smartphones. The latest innovation, Philips
, makes dictation quicker and more convenient than ever
before, by bringing secure dictation workflow to the cloud. With
solutions perfectly tailored to individual industry needs, Speech
Processing Solutions saves professionals’ time and resources, allowing
them to work as efficiently as possible.

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