Safe Fields Alliance Issues Statement in Response to NBC Report

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today the Safe Fields Alliance (“SFA”), a coalition dedicated to
educating stakeholders around the safety of synthetic turf fields using
crumb rubber, issued the following statement in response to the
September 30th, 2015 NBC News report on this topic:

First and foremost, our sympathy goes out to the cancer patients and
their families featured in the NBC report. Nothing is more important
than the safety and health of children. That is why when making
decisions related to children’s safety and health we have to look at the
facts and the science, which in this case are extremely clear: synthetic
turf fields using crumb rubber are safe. Dozens of scientific studies,
including peer-reviewed academic analyses and federal and state
government reports, have all found no connection between these fields
and cancer or other health issues.

When this issue was first raised in 2008, a number of studies were
commissioned and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community
was satisfied that the results showed no reason for concern. As NBC
notes in its report, “No research has linked crumb or shredded rubber to

We join the chorus of voices calling on the Environmental Protection
Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take a stand. In
our view, scientific studies analyzed by independent third-parties that
hold up under peer-review from qualified toxicologists are the best
antidote for uncertainty.

The NBC report cited several chemicals found in crumb rubber as points
of concern. However, this information is misleading without context and
without baselines, especially given that we all eat, drink, and breathe
trace levels of chemicals in our daily lives. Industry voluntarily
ensures the levels of any chemicals in synthetic turf fields are lower
than the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s lead and chemical
standards for children’s toys and the Environmental Protection Agency’s
safe standards for urban and rural soils.

More research can always be done, and we are willing to support any
additional scientific studies in any way we can. However, it should be
pointed out that over a decade of research has not produced a single
published, peer-reviewed study that shows that crumb rubber is unsafe.

For further information on the Safe Fields Alliance please visit,
and for a collection of relevant studies visit!research/c13ps.

About the Safe Fields Alliance

The Safe Fields Alliance (SFA) is a coalition dedicated to educating
stakeholders around the safety of synthetic turf fields and crumb
rubber, including that based on an overwhelming amount of scientific
evidence, there is no link between turf and crumb rubber and health
issues. Three of the leading North American manufacturers of synthetic
turf fields – FieldTurf, Sprinturf, and AstroTurf, working alongside
several leading recycled rubber manufacturers, came together to help
alleviate concerns related to this issue. For more information, please


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