Top 10 U.S. Salmon Cities Named in Honor of 2016 “National Salmon Day”

Salmon leader Chicken of the Sea ranks U.S. cities on per-capita
salmon consumption, growth potential, recipe preparation and in-kitchen

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hold the top sirloin, fried chicken and BBQ. An analysis by one of the
world’s largest providers of shelf-stable seafood suggests that
residents of a number of noncoastal cities known for their traditional
meat-eating ways may actually prefer salmon.

The internal analysis, conducted by Chicken
of the Sea
in honor of the second annual National Salmon Day
on Oct. 8, named 10 markets as “Top Salmon Cities” in the United States.
Local residents in these markets eat more fresh and shelf-stable salmon
per person than their counterparts in other U.S. cities, have the
potential to eat more salmon or are more likely to try new salmon
products, prepare salmon recipes or serve salmon.

According to Maureen McDonnell, Chicken of the Sea’s director of brand
marketing and category management, the list of “Top Salmon Cities”
includes not only expected salmon capitals like Seattle and Anchorage
but other markets like Chicago, Cincinnati and Columbus known more for
beef and Midwest comfort food.

“Despite their reputation as meat-eating capitals, several of the cities
on our list qualify as sophisticated salmon markets and home to an
increasing number of salmon lovers,” said McDonnell. “From a seafood and
salmon standpoint, these ten cities are trendsetters.”

The company’s salmon-specific research effort, part of its ongoing
development and launch of salmon products likes its Flavored Salmon
Pouches, surveyed the in-store buying habits and in-home consumption
trends of fresh and shelf-stable salmon in the U.S.

Chicken of the Sea created National Salmon Day in 2015 as a public
service to remind Americans of the significant health and wellness
advantages of the fish. “Since it was clear that Americans needed a
high-omega-3 alternative to less-healthy protein options, we created
National Salmon Day last year as an annual reminder of the essential
nutritional benefits that packaged and wild salmon brings to the table,”
said McDonnell.

To encourage public participation, Chicken of the Sea is partnering with Minute®
for the “Salmon Loves Rice Sweepstakes,” and asking the
public to use hashtag #NationalSalmonDay on their social media
platforms to win a seven-day Alaskan cruise and Chicken of the Sea
Flavored Salmon Pouches and Minute® Ready to Serve Rice products.

The brand will also partner with blogger and prominent Twitter party
host Andie Mitchell, editor of Andie, for a one-hour National
Salmon Day Twitter Party
on October 7. Guests who participate in the
Twitter party by tagging #NationalSalmonDay will have a chance to win
salmon and other prizes from Chicken of the Sea and Minute Rice.

To encourage wider public adoption of salmon as a healthy “new” protein
source, Chicken of the Sea became the first to introduce skinless and
boneless salmon in 1984 before launching the industry’s first line of
Flavored Salmon Pouches in 2014.

The company provides a multitude of salmon recipes, serving and
meal-planning suggestions on its website,,
and through its Facebook,
and Instagram


Determined via private research conducted by Chicken of the Sea and
based on a combination of per-capita consumption, consumption potential,
and consumer willingness to try new fresh/shelf-stable salmon products.
Markets are listed in alphabetical order.

Anchorage, Alaska
Nashville, Tenn.
New York City
San Diego


for Chicken of the Sea
Bob Ochsner/Cristina Pellizzon