Glow Launches Glow Baby – The Definitive Baby Tracking App

The company also announces more than three million users and 200,000

a data science company focused on women’s reproductive health and
education, announced today the launch of Glow Baby – the company’s
fourth app, joining Eve
by Glow
, Glow,
and Glow
. Building off of industry-firsts, such as postpartum support
and male fertility, the company’s newest app focuses on keeping baby
happy and healthy and supporting parents with information on baby’s
first year at their fingertips, real-time tracking and developmental

The company also announced a partnership with″ rel=”nofollow”>Baby
411 author and leading pediatrician, Dr. Ari Brown, who advised and
helped create Glow Baby. Dr. Brown is contributing exclusive Baby 411
content to the app and will join Glow’s board
of medical advisors
. Dr. John Palma, pediatrician at Stanford, will
also join the board.

“There are so many sources of information that it can be overwhelming
for parents. As a pediatrician, I want parents to access accurate,
useful advice that empowers them instead of causing undue anxiety. Glow
Baby is the most comprehensive baby app I’ve seen and should be a
must-have for all parents,” said Dr. Ari Brown, Baby 411 author and
leading pediatrician. “No other app offers the personalized and
medically-backed insights available in Glow Baby to put parents minds at
ease through the crucial milestones and health concerns of the first

Following in the footsteps of Eve, Glow, and Nurture, Glow Baby provides
personalized, data-driven insights, real-time tracking and critical
information for new parents. What sets Glow Baby apart from others are
the following unique features:

  • Developmental Milestones: Glow Baby is the only app on the
    market to track important developmental milestones in addition to the
    day-to-day care of feedings, sleep, pees and poops. These
    developmental elements are crucial to knowing whether or not your baby
    is healthy and on track. As such, Glow Baby tracks 101 specific
    developmental milestones – based on CDC and medical advisors input –
    during that first year, which can prompt parents to bring potential
    concerns to their child’s doctor. These milestones are broken down by
    monthly time frames and can be saved with a date and photo. Examples

    • Makes eye contact, smiles back at parents
    • Lifts head without assistance
    • Tries to engage and get attention
    • Reaches and grabs with both hands
    • Babbles, copies and imitates noises
    • Moves things smoothly from one hand to the other
    • Responds to own name
    • Gets to sitting position without help
    • Searches for things that you hide
    • Uses simple gestures (like shakes head “no,” waves “bye bye”)
  • Symptoms and Sickness Tracking: Between Glow’s personalized
    information, content from Baby 411, and the Community, you’ll always
    have the best resources about identifying your baby’s sickness and
    best next steps for diagnoses and care.
  • Growth Charts: Track your baby’s growth (weight, length, head
    size, body mass index or weight-for-length) to ensure your baby is
    doing what he is supposed to do and meeting appropriate nutritional

Additional key features include:

  • Comprehensive Daily Tracking: Record all aspects of your baby’s
    daily care and development and receive personalized insights backed by
    our medical
    advisory board

    • Tracking categories include feeding, sleeping, diapers, medicine
      and more.
  • Glow Community: Connect with other parents through the vibrant
    in-app Community
    (shared experiences are critical and it’s one of our users’ favorite
  • Partner Capabilities: Tracking isn’t all on mom! Enable another
    person to assist with tracking your baby’s daily milestones and needs.
  • Photo Feature: Capture every milestone – and those precious
    moments along the way – to create memorable photo albums laid out as
    card stacks (shareable with friends and family).

More than any other company in the space, Glow is committed to providing
women with the best insights and control of their health – from period
to parenting. Glow is happy to announce that more than three million
women are now a part of that community, and they have helped more than
two hundred thousand women conceive.

Responding to user feedback, the company will introduce a premium
subscription that delivers increased insights (think more detailed info
about you compared to the larger Glow population), content (more
exclusive content from their partners and advisors), and personal
connections (the ability to 1:1 message with others in the Glow
Community), beginning with their pregnancy product, Glow Nurture. All of
the features available today in Glow Nurture will continue to be free.

“We’re the most comprehensive women’s health company on the market, with
the best predictive models and the best data science team. We’re excited
to now offer women, parents and caregivers deeper learnings and insights
as an opt-in premium service to our customers,” said Mike Huang, Glow

Glow Baby is available for free in the App Store and Google Play
worldwide starting today and premium services will be available in Glow
Nurture in March; and in Eve by Glow, Glow, and Glow Baby later in April.

About Glow

Founded by a team of technology veterans including Max Levchin,
co-founder of PayPal & CEO of Affirm, Glow is a San Francisco-based data
science company on a mission to redefine health care. The original Glow
app was launched in August 2013, Glow Nurture in July 2014, and Eve by
Glow in July 2015. Beyond the app offerings, the company aims to advance
scientific discoveries in the field of reproductive health. More
information about Glow is available at:


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