One Door Announces Establishment of Retail Industry’s First-Ever Merchandising Execution Maturity Benchmark

In-depth, quantitative analysis of retail organizations reveals the
common merchandising practices of high-performing retailers

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One Door, the leading provider of cloud-based merchandising execution
software for retail, today announced the establishment of the first-ever
Merchandising Execution Maturity Benchmark. Based on research guided by
One Door, the Benchmark enables retailers to compare their in-store
merchandising practices to those of their peers.

“To attract new and repeat customers retailers must improve in-store
experience, including introducing products and promotions more quickly,
delivering localized experiences, and ensuring that products are easy to
discover and buy,” said E.Y. Snowden, CEO of One Door. “As retailers
look to improve their merchandising processes to achieve this, our
Merchandising Execution Maturity Benchmark provides a first of its kind
tool for identifying their alignment to industry best-practices.”

To create the Benchmark, One Door surveyed the in-store merchandising
execution of 250 retailers across multiple industry segments and
geographies. From these results, One Door was able to identify 5 levels
of merchandising execution maturity, with the majority (53%) of
responding organizations executing at a Level 3 maturity, 21% at Level
4, and only 6% at Level 5 (highest).

One Door research revealed interesting common themes among Level 4 and 5
respondents, including:

  • Merchandisable store space is captured digitally, frequently updated,
    and centrally maintained;
  • Merchandising strategies and product assortments are highly localized
    with placement decisions driven by data;
  • Stores can order merchandising materials and submit feedback to
    headquarters directly through digital applications;
  • Headquarters sends merchandising directives more frequently;
  • Merchandising directives are assigned to a specific person or group
    within the store and task compliance is tracked as a key performance
  • Employees are confident in their knowledge of merchandising policies
    and processes, earning bonuses as incentives for successful

The full survey report can be found here:

Retailers are invited to take the assessment and determine their
Benchmark level by visiting:
Participating retailers will be given their assessment and comparison to
the surveyed group averages upon completion.

About One Door

One Door is the leading provider of cloud-based merchandising software,
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