Sevenhugs Launches Breakthrough Smart Remote

Meet the first remote for everything: Magically control your TV,
lights and music and even order an Uber in the most simple and intuitive

CES 2017 Best of Innovation Honoree in the Smart Home product category

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#connectedhome–Sevenhugs announces the launch of Smart
on Kickstarter, allowing users to control any device simply
by pointing at it.

Sevenhugs’ patent-pending point and control technology enables Smart
Remote’s screen to adapt automatically to any device. When a user points
at a device, Smart Remote instantly displays custom controls to operate
that particular device. Smart Remote is compatible with more than 25,000
devices including Samsung Smart TVs, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs,
Sonos speakers, Nest Learning Thermostat and many more.

“Customers today are frustrated that every device requires its own app
or controller, which leads to clutter, confusion and wasted time,” says
Simon Tchedikian, Sevenhugs’ Co-founder and CEO. “We’ve pushed the
boundaries of today’s technologies to build a better solution. For the
first time in history, we’ve integrated a precise indoor positioning
system in a consumer electronic device, allowing users to control tens
of thousands of connected devices in a simple and intuitive way. All you
have to do is point at what you want to control.”

Smart Remote unifies the control of your connected home experience:

  • Broad Compatibility: Smart Remote works with more than 25,000
    devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared, including Samsung Smart
    TVs, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs, Sonos speakers, Nest Learning
    Thermostat, and many more.
  • Patent-Pending Innovation: Sevenhugs’ patent-pending point and
    control technology enables Smart Remote’s screen to adapt instantly to
    any device and display intuitive touch-screen controls customized for
    each device you point at.
  • Powerful Technology: Smart Remote is the first consumer product
    to combine motion tracking sensors and an indoor positioning system.
    It allows users to control their devices naturally and
    intuitively—simply by pointing at them.
  • Instant Access to Services: Smart Remote allows you to
    instantly access popular services like Uber. Order a ride by
    pointing Smart Remote at your front door or check the weather forecast
    by pointing at your window.
  • Elegant & Thoughtful Design: Designed in collaboration with
    one of the most iconic and awarded French designers, Pierre Garner of
    Elium Studio, Smart Remote’s design is beautiful, sleek and intuitive.
  • Personalized Control: Smart Remote lets you create custom
    scenes and control multiple devices at the same time. For example, you
    can create a movie watching scene that automatically dims the lights
    when you turn on the TV. Smart Remote also lets you group lights
    together to control all at once.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: Sevenhugs offers an open API and an
    extensive SDK to support continuous expansion of Smart Remote’s
    features and services by developers.

Tchedikian adds, “We truly embrace the passion of the Kickstarter
community and know that it’s the perfect venue for an innovative product
like Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote. We want our backers to help us build the
perfect universal remote control and influence the development of what
we view as their product. Now, with the help of the Kickstarter
community, we’re excited to put the finishing touches on the world’s
first truly smart remote.”

Sevenhugs’ Kickstarter campaign goal for Smart Remote is $50,000.
Early-bird Kickstarter pricing starts at $99 and its first backers will
receive Smart Remote in June ’17. Smart Remote will be available at
select retailers in Fall ‘17 for $299.99.

About Sevenhugs

Sevenhugs creates connected home products and services designed to
simplify the smart home experience. Our goal is to reinvent the way that
people interact with technology at home by creating devices that are
simple and intuitive to use. Our line of products includes hugOne, the
first connected solution that helps the entire family sleep better, and
Smart Remote. Based in San Francisco and Paris, Sevenhugs was founded in
2014 by Simon Tchedikian, Steìphane Jaubertou, Lionel Marty, and Olivier
Mandine. To date, Sevenhugs raised more than $14M in a recent Series A.

For more information about Sevenhugs and Smart Remote, please visit
or follow the company on Facebook
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Jesica Church