Sionic Mobile and Partner to Offer YourHomeSavings App

Home buyers and owners get expert advice, discounts on professional
home services and instant savings on daily purchases

a nationwide network of home service professionals that provides an
online informational resource for consumers seeking practical and
reliable information on home services, and Sionic
today announced a strategic alliance to deliver a new app,
YourHomeSavings. The free app, scheduled for public release on September
6th, gives users tips and advice on home buying and
ownership, the ability to find a nearby service pro and pay for the
service with their phone or tablet. An industry first, YourHomeSavings
also delivers exclusive service pro discounts and instant savings at
over 100,000 locations in the ION Merchant Marketplace.


“ researches many home services, always looking for
the leaders in their respective areas,” explained Sean Stockell, CEO and
publisher. “Our findings give consumers practical advice for
home-related services. Working with Sionic Mobile aligns with our
business philosophy of sharing the most reliable and helpful information
we can find, as well as being able to offer cost-saving opportunities
for consumers. Having access to the largest mobile merchant marketplace,
in addition to our already large list of home service professionals,
will be very exciting to our customers.”

Sionic Mobile’s ION Marketplace now offers more nationwide retailers,
restaurants, spas, hotels and cinemas than any other mobile rewards
program in the market today. Consumers receive real-time incentives for
every checkout, and individual companies may determine how they wish to
reward app users; either with instant rewards or savings at the register.

Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile, said, ”’s
national Home Service Pro Marketplace is far more comprehensive than any
other real estate or home services provider, giving tips and advice
across a broad spectrum of home buyer and owners needs. From realtors,
builders and loan providers to pest control, home inspectors and
plumbers – is rapidly becoming the go-to website and
the new YourHomeSavings app makes finding and paying a home service pro
a breeze. Now, saving on services for the home and saving on everyday
purchases has never been easier.”

About Sionic Mobile

Midtown Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile provides low-cost payments bundled
with mobile marketing and customer loyalty to businesses and instant
rewards to consumers at checkout. The Company’s universal rewards,
called IONs, help merchants keep good customers coming back more often
and are awarded in addition to customers’ credit card points. Consumers
may spend IONs (1,000 IONs = $1.00) at any merchant in the ION
Marketplace on anything at any time. Businesses use ION Loyalty
securely online, on mobile devices or through their POS system,
eliminating the need for new equipment. Consumers use the free ION
Rewards app for iOS and Android for in-store checkouts.


Financial Fitness, LLC developed to provide a
Single-Site Resource for consumers seeking practical and reliable
information on residential real estate services. Our primary purpose is
to help people make informed decisions on matters related to their home.
We research a variety of home services, look for service leaders in each
category and through our findings and the guidance of these service
leaders, we provide consumers with practical advice and cost-saving
opportunities in all home services categories. The website is free for
consumers and an affordable nationwide marketing venue for home service
professionals. To learn more, visit:


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