The Ultimate New England Store Releases First Cookbook

The Orton Family, owners and storekeepers of The Vermont Country
Store, share generational recipes with a slice of Vermont history and

Vermont Country Store Cookbook
is a contextual
masterpiece of traditional northern New England fare. In a world where
there is increasing concern about where our food comes from and wading
through an overwhelming number of recipes and choices online takes time
none of us have, this simple and beautiful cookbook is the answer. It’s
a resource of carefully curated family recipes, packaged in New England
practicality and swathed in quintessential Vermont culture.

And when you’re looking for that “perfect” meal to bring together your
family, the Orton’s know what they are talking about.

“My grandfather Vrest was a bit of a perfectionist,” says Eliot Orton, 5th
generation storekeeper of The Vermont Country Store. “He had an
exactness about the way things should be done, insisting that doing
things ‘right’ leads to better outcomes. There is a strong New England
practicality woven throughout the book.”

This is the brush used to paint The Vermont Country Store’s first
cookbook. Each recipe has been tested and improved over nearly 100 years
of Orton family meals, resulting in dishes that are simple without being

“While you may be able to find a thousand recipes online for a whole
roasted lemon chicken, for example, the recipe in our cookbook is the
one you will turn to because it’s so good – it’s authentic and from our
hearts. The one used again and again; the one asked for by friends,”
Orton said.

The cookbook

  • 120 original and updated family recipes – classic dishes that make the
    best of whole and New England-sourced ingredients
  • Over 200 family, historical, and local photographs
  • Nearly 300 full color pages
  • Stylish and tasteful hardcover presentation – this book is as much a
    coffee table fixture and conversation piece as it is a treasured
    family cookbook.

About The Vermont Country Store: The Orton family is the proud
owner of The Vermont Country Store, founded by Vrest and Mildred Orton
in 1946. Today, it is run by their son, Lyman, and his sons Cabot,
Gardner, and Eliot. The Vermont Country Store sends out a catalog,
manages a website and runs stores in Weston and Rockingham, Vermont.


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