Athletic TIPS™ Collaborates with Georgia-Based Concussion Awareness and Prevention Summit

™ (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports), a national,
not-for-profit organization that drives expanded awareness and education
around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition,
management and prevention of sports-related injuries – including
concussions — provided a consumer education program at the recent
Concussion Awareness and Prevention Summit held at NeuroLife Institute
of Life University, Marietta, GA. Area residents involved in local
athletic teams sponsored by schools, recreation programs and amateur
leagues attended the targeted presentations.

“Athletic TIPS™ Workshops are now being conducted in communities
throughout the United States, with opportunities for coaches, educators,
parents and athletes to learn and benefit from important information and
guidelines that can mitigate the impact of sports injuries,” says Joe
Carabello, co-founder, Athletic TIPS™. “Interest and support for these
programs continues to build, particularly on the subject of concussions
where we focus on Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) Guidelines for recognizing
the signs and symptoms.”

Community workshops address key areas and can be requested and scheduled
in local areas by visiting

  • Preventing Dehydration and Heat-Related Conditions
  • Concussion Recognition and Prevention
  • Nutrition in Sports Management
  • Recognizing, Managing and Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries

Sports-related concussions are recognized as a major public health
concern, with the CDC reporting up to 3.8
documented concussions in 2012 – double the amount logged in
2002. While concussions can occur in individuals among all ages, races
and socioeconomic status, high school football accounts for 47 percent
of all reported sports concussions, followed by ice hockey and girls’

Additionally, the CDC notes that an annual average of 21,000
playground-related traumatic brain injuries warranted an emergency room
visit among kids 14 and younger during 2001-2013. While industry safety
standards have improved over the years, the number of reported
concussions continues to rise – possibly due to increased concussion

About Athletic TIPS™

Athletic TIPS™ (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports) is the only
not-for-profit, national organization that provides education and drives
expanded awareness around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the
recognition, prevention and management of sports-related injuries.
Introducing opportunities for optimized health that enhance athletic
performance, Athletic TIPS™ offers education and community workshops
designed for amateur athletes K-12 through college, as well as their
parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and educators. Athletic TIPS™
implements grass roots initiatives in communities nationwide and began
its developmental activities under a grant provided by the Foundation
for Chiropractic Education. Visit


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