Cheekbone Reduction Surgery to Make Slim Face Shape from the Front and Side

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A slim face shape is an element to look young and a condition for
beauty. Even when having the same face size, if the cheekbone or square
jaw are developed excessively, one’s face will look wider and more
masculine than it actually is.

In addition, if the cheekbone is especially protruded, the entire face
shape may look magnified, even when actually having an average face
size. Increasing number of people are visiting plastic surgeons wishing
to make their face shape softer and smaller.

3D Cheekbone reduction surgery reduces the cheekbone not only from the
front, but from the sides, by moving the overall cheekbone towards the
inside through a bilateral rotation method and trapezoid bone fracture
of the cheekbone, and a further three-dimensional face shape may be made
through the bilateral rotation method.

In addition, a more complete effect may be produced by undergoing square
jaw reduction surgery as well when the person’s square jaw is also
developed, and going through a face liposuction procedure is recommended
when the person has increased amount of fat in the face. However, in
order to avoid the side-effects, such as cheek sagging and fracture
nonunion that may occur during a face outline surgery, more care is
required when selecting a plastic surgeon and hospital.

Director Choi Sewoon of TL Plastic Surgery advised that, “Facial
contouring surgery requires deep understanding of facial bone structure,
muscles, nerves, and tissues composing the areas nearby the bones, thus,
it is important to select a hospital equipped with a safety system and a
plastic surgery specialist with plentiful clinical experience in

TL Plastic Surgery is implementing a 3D cheekbone reduction surgery,
which does not give rise to concerns of sagging after a cheekbone
surgery. The Tightening 3D Cheekbone Reduction Surgery utilized minimal
detatchment while providing a natural lifting effect by pulling the
muscles together upon fixation, without creating cheek sagging through
upward adhesion fixation at the same time.

Director Choi has widely advertised the excellence of Korea’s plastic
surgery technologies by presenting past research results under the theme
of ‘Bilateral Rotation, Quick Zygoma Reduction Surgery�� by the
invitation by the Europe Association for Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery
(EACMFS) for the Tightening 3D Cheekbone Reduction.


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