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HANOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Road safety is a keystone on which, which belongs to
Europe’s leading online retailer of tyres, car parts and accessories
Delticom, has been relying for over a decade now. The tyre specialist is
dedicated to spreading awareness of how proper tyre choice and
maintenance is important when it comes to keeping motorists off the
harm’s way. Studies show that the general knowledge regarding various
aspects of tyre safety is quite low among drivers. That is why joins in the discussion about the importance of tyre
education of young drivers and soon-to-be-drivers.

“We believe that tyre education is key to drivers’ safety on the road.
It should be introduced at the early stages of driving license courses
to form good habits in soon-to-be-drivers”, says Thierry Delesalle from
With inexperienced drivers’ safety awareness in mind,
prepared a three-point list of the areas that ought to be given special
attention in tyre education.

Tyre selection

It is crucial for young drivers to be able to choose right tyres for
their cars. Here, no experiments are allowed since too wide or too
narrow tyres can lead to dangerous accidents. Motorists should always
consult the tyre placard, normally located on a door frame, door edge,
glove box door, or owner’s manual for the original tyre size, speed
rating and recommended tyre pressure. Also, it is advised to replace all
four tyres at the same time to keep vehicle’s optimal maneuverability
and performance. If, however, it is not possible, the new tyres should
always be placed on the rear axle of the vehicle.

Tyre check

Regular tyre checkups should be a matter of habit for every driver.
Tyres which are not in a tip-top condition may pose a risk on the road.
Young motorists should be taught how they can perform a quick inspection
of tyres and what they should pay attention to. The most important tyre
maintenance procedures are:

  • Tread depth check although the minimum legal
    requirement in Germany is a tread depth of 1.6 mm, safety experts
    recommend a tread depth of 3 and 4 mm for summer and winter tyres
  • Tyre pressure check – tyres should always be inflated in
    accordance with the car manufacturer’s specifications. Tyre pressure
    should be checked at least once a month, preferably on cold tyres, and
    always before a longer journey.
  • Tyres general condition check – tyres should be inspected for
    any cracks, slits or blisters on the sidewalls or on the surface, as
    fissures of any kind may lead to dangerous air leaks.

Tyre markings

Knowing how to read tyre markings and understanding their meaning is a
vital part of tyre education. Premium should be put on speed and load
indexes as well as on the EU tyre label. It is important for young
drivers to know that replacement tyres should always equal or exceed the
original equipment tyres with regard to load and speed capabilities.
Tyres which are loaded beyond their allowable maximum or driven on with
excessive speed may build up too much heat and get destroyed. Also, fuel
efficiency, wet grip and noise emission markings can tell young drivers
a great deal about the safety and comfort of driving on the tyres of
their choice. The ability to read and interpret these labels will let
motorists make informed purchase decisions and take a better care of
their own safety.

Important as they are, all aspects of tyre educations may be at first
difficult to remember for young drivers. This is why it would be
beneficial for them to have one trusted tyre provider that can support
them at any time.
is a long-time expert in tyres, car parts and accessories with a
specialized team always ready to advise, explain and help. Except for
expert knowledge, the online shop offers its young and slightly older
customers almost all kinds of models, brands and sizes of tyres that
will keep them safe on the road.

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