FeedYak® Offers Professional Yelp® for People on Android and iOS

New features allow professionals to give and get testimonials without
exposing others to unwanted reviews

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FeedYak® (http://www.feedyak.com),
the video, photo and text feedback app has added new features for
professionals, home service contractors, shared economy service
providers, individuals and corporations to showcase, build or repair
their online reputation using testimonials and endorsements. FeedYak can
be downloaded from Google
or theiOS+App+Store&index=3&md5=f81c8be0341607a5b6e677ac17719a8b” rel=”nofollow”>
iOS App Store.

“Unlike Yelp and other review sites, when you get new feedback or
endorsements in FeedYak, they remain hidden unless you decide to show
them,” said Rick Watkins, co-founder and CTO of FeedYak. “By using
video, we eliminate the ability for a person to write multiple reviews
as if they were different people. And with our approval features we
protect people who simply don’t want any reviews.” Corporations can use
FeedYak to provide continuous feedback on performance by gathering
employee, manager, vendor and customer experiences.

The recently launched company aims to be the go to platform people use
when researching individuals before conducting business with them. Users
can watch and read what other people have said about someone to help
decide whether to buy, hire or create a relationship with that person.
Video gives a dimension of truthfulness that is not available using
other media. The application’s use spans multiple markets, and is
initially targeted in areas where first impressions are made based
solely on online profiles.

“Whether you are selling something in the sharing economy, a contractor
trying to attract new customers, a company looking to showcase your
customer service, or looking for a new job, your online reputation is
critical to your bottom line,” said Dave Watkins, co-founder and CEO.
“People will be much less likely to rent your Airbnb room, share your
car, or hire you if your competitor has a glowing reputation and you

About FeedYak

Available on Android and iOS, FeedYak® (www.feedyak.com)
is a new platform for anyone with a smart phone or tablet to request and
give video, photo and text-based feedback and endorsements. The app also
allows users to showcase and record their accomplishments using
multimedia. People and their profiles are discoverable in the
application by anyone with a smart phone. An API is available for third
party integration. Yelp is a registered trademark of Yelp. FeedYak is
not affiliated with the Peeple.


Dave Watkins, 508-416-6021