Florida Cyber Charter Academy Begins 2016-2017 School Year

– Online school program in six Florida counties offers families an
educational alternative –

Cyber Charter Academy
(FLCCA), an online public school option
available in six Florida counties, began the 2016-2017 school year on
August 10. FLCCA educates students through an engaging online curriculum
that is supplemented with hands-on materials and the instruction of
state-certified teachers. FLCCA programs are available in Clay, Duval,
Hillsborough, Osceola, Pasco and Pinellas counties. Enrollment is open
to grades K-12.

The curriculum is designed to adapt to each student’s unique learning
style. This allows the student to determine the pace of the lessons,
giving advanced learners the ability to move ahead more quickly than
they might be able to in a traditional classroom. Students can also opt
to progress more slowly through the lessons and concepts that they find
more challenging. This individualization, combined with support from
FLCCA teachers and the student’s Learning Coach (typically the parent or
guardian), encourages a true grasp of the skills and material.

“For my kids, the best part of Florida Cyber Charter Academy is our
ability to pace ourselves,” said Erika Pruett, who has schooled four of
her children through the online program over the past 11 years. “As a
teacher myself, I understand that every child learns differently and
there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While on some topics my children
have the capabilities to move forward through the material very quickly,
other lessons require more time. With FLCCA we are able to modify our
time efficiently.”

FLCCA provides courses in language arts/English literature, math,
science, history, music, art and world languages such as Spanish,
French, German and Chinese. Advanced Placement® courses area available
for high school students. As a public school option, there is no tuition.

FLCCA students receive instruction from their teachers during live,
interactive online classes, as well as through recorded sessions.
Teachers are also available to students and their Learning Coaches via
email, phone and one-on-one online instruction. FLCCA teachers strive to
form a partnership with Learning Coaches so that students’ challenges
and achievements can be more closely addressed.

“Florida Cyber Charter Academy students are encouraged to explore their
interests, both in and outside of the classroom,” said Farica King, High
School Principal at Florida Cyber Charter Academy. “Our extensive course
catalog offers multiple ways for students to engage further with
subjects that pique their interest. We also know that the online nature
of our classroom makes it possible for families to encourage students’
extracurricular pursuits, from competitive sports to dance or musical

FLCCA hosts online information sessions to help parents and children
learn more about the program. For more information on the school, visit http://flcca.k12.com.

About Florida Cyber Charter Academy

Florida Cyber Charter Academy (FLCCA) is a full-time, online public
school available to K-12 students in Clay, Duval, Hillsborough, Osceola,
Pasco and Pinellas counties. As part of the Florida public school
system, enrollment in FLCCA is tuition-free, giving parents and families
the choice to access the award-winning curriculum and tools provided by
K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s largest provider of proprietary
curriculum and online education programs. For more information about
FLCCA, visit http://flcca.k12.com/.


Florida Cyber Charter Academy
Donna Savarese, 703-436-3273