IdentityForce Announces Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite

New Identity Protection Capabilities Include Intelligent Alerting to
Social Network Threats, Hacked Accounts, Imposter Accounts, and Scams
for Individuals and Families

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AndroidIdentityForce,
., a pioneer of identity protection
solutions and services, today announced the general availability of a
new set of identity theft protection capabilities focused on monitoring
and alerting members to threats associated with their social media
accounts. Wrapped under the technology umbrella of IdentityForce’s
Social Media Identity Monitoring (SMIM) suite, these new capabilities
cover four major social media identity theft triggers: suspicious
activity, hacked accounts, imposter accounts, and scams.

“Social media plays a critical role in many of our daily lives – but
it’s clear there are also serious privacy risks,” said Larry
, Founder of WordStream and COO of MobileMonkey. “It’s easy to
understand how identity thieves scrape personal information off these
social networks to even hack into email accounts, or to battle it out on
the Dark Web buying and selling personal information. I applaud
IdentityForce in understanding the massive influence social media has on
the lives of their members and their families, and in turn their
commitment to develop a suite of capabilities that will remove the worry
and harm and let us all get back to having positive social interactions.”

IdentityForce’s SMIM suite monitors Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+,
and Instagram accounts for threatening social network activity and posts
that could be perceived as violent, are using profanity, or could even
be categorized as cyberbullying or discriminatory. Members can monitor
their own social media accounts, those of their children, and other
family members. In just seconds, IdentityForce members can activate
SMIM’s key features to take control of their digital identity:

  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring | reports that
    nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online, with one in four children
    indicating that it happened more than once. To help protect all
    members, including children, IdentityForce’s SMIM suite provides
    robust monitoring and alerting to social media activity that displays
    content associated with profanity, drugs, violence, discrimination, or
    sexually explicit language, enabling a rapid response.
  • Hacked Account Monitoring | According to a 2016
    Harris Poll survey
    , nearly two in three U.S. adults with personal
    social media profiles believe they’ve been hacked. Now, with
    IdentityForce SMIM, members can proactively respond to potential
    account hackings, an unexpected locked account, or risky setting
  • Impersonation or Imposter Account Monitoring | According to DARKReading,
    Facebook reported that for 2015 up to 2% of its monthly average users
    — 31 million accounts — are false, and Twitter estimates 5%.
    IdentityForce SMIM equips members with capabilities for monitoring
    social networks that appear to be impersonating their identity.
  • Scam Monitoring | With 81 percent of millennials
    checking Twitter at least once a day (Pew
    Research Center
    ) and 68 percent of U.S. adults on Facebook (Pew
    Research Center
    ), the ubiquity of social networks has created the
    perfect breeding ground for spam, malware, or phishing scams.
    IdentityForce’s members will know in near real-time if there are scams
    beings posted to their accounts so that they can quickly delete the
    information and ensure their network is not infected any further.

“Social media networks have become a hunting ground for fraudsters, who
cobble together pieces of an identity based on the personal information
shared through these sites,” said Steven
, CEO of IdentityForce. “Our product managers surveyed our
members and social media identity monitoring continuously surfaced as an
increasing priority, especially for those with families. By launching
our Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite, we are adding yet another
critical layer of protection to ensure our members’ personal information
stays safe.”

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