Interpret Announces New Hispanic Media & Entertainment Research Practice, Names Diego Rodriguez Lead

Interpret Announces New Hispanic Media & Entertainment Research Practice, Names Diego Rodriguez Lead

Interpret LLC announces the hiring of Diego Rodriguez and the launch of New Media Measure Hispanic™, the Hispanic version of their New Media Measure® media consumption tracking service.

Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic in the US today, expressing unique media adoption and consumption patterns, and are expected to increase their spending power to $1.5 trillion in the next two years. Interpret continues to grow its multicultural practice, hiring Diego Rodriguez as Head of Hispanic Media & Entertainment.


will oversee Interpret’s latest syndicated research service, New Media Measure Hispanic™ and work with clients on custom market research projects throughout Latin America to help them understand the power and potential of the Hispanic market.

New Media Measure Hispanic™ is designed to monitor the latest trends in media, technology and entertainment among Hispanics in the U.S.

Importantly, New Media Measure Hispanic™ is sensitive to the diversity inherent in the Hispanic demographic, capturing nuances among various segments, including first generation, Spanish language dominant and country of origin.

Interpret’s New Media Measure® quarterly tracker, has proven an effective planning tool for researchers and marketers to aid in understanding consumer interactions with new technologies, evolving media vehicles and detailed brand consumption trends; New Media Measure Hispanic™ will provide similarly deep insight into an increasingly important part of our community.

Grant Johnson, Interpret’s CEO, commented:

“We are thrilled to have Diego onboard, a true expert on the Hispanic market here in the US, and with significant international experience as well.

Diego is the ideal ‘interpreter’ – he’s smart, flexibly minded and determined to uncover insights that can help our clients make better decisions.

Not to be overlooked, he’s also fun and a pleasure to work with.”

Diego Rodriguez commented: “I am excited to be with a company that is committed to understanding the Hispanic market. When people say ‘Hispanics are…’ they are too often assuming one homogenous group, and that we are all the same.

I am pleased to be in charge of this new division that, among other things, will launch New Media Measure Hispanic™ and help our clients better understand unique opportunities among different segments of the Hispanic population.”

About Diego Rodriguez:

Diego Rodriguez has over ten years of experience researching the Hispanic Market in the U.S. and abroad, working with media and entertainment companies, as well as sample providers.

Prior to joining Interpret, Diego created two online panels, one for Hispanics in the U.S. and another for consumers in Mexico. Before that, Diego was VP, Operations at Federated Sample. Diego also served as Head of the Multicultural Group at OTX (Ipsos), which he started in 2004. Diego holds an MBA majoring in Marketing and an Undergraduate Business Degree majoring in Entrepreneurship from ITAM, one of the top ranked Business schools in Latin America. Diego also obtained a Diploma form UCLA in Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Media.

He can be reached at: or 310-255-0590 x327.

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