IWSC Group’s Ambitious Growth Strategy Continues with the Addition of Cochon555 US Tour

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IWSC Group, a world leading events company in the food and beverage
sector, continues its successful business expansion with the latest
addition of Cochon555 Tour to its portfolio of events.

Cochon555 US Tours, an epic porc feast featuring leading chefs preparing
whole heritage breed pigs, will partner with IWSC Group to help drive
forward its goal to educate consumers and restaurant industry
influencers about a better, safer food system. The event series, which
includes dinners, tasting events, a competition and barbecue feasts,
unites consumers with local farmers, renowned chefs, prominent
winemakers, restaurateurs, craft brewers and distillers.

Allen Gibbons, Group CEO of IWSC Group, commented, “The new partnership
with Cochon555 is an important step in terms of our overall business
strategy. It forms an integral part of our goal to become the most
innovative and diverse events business in the food and drink sector,
with a reputation for originality and quality.”

IWSC Group has been growing as a business over recent years, stimulated
by strategic partnerships with complementary events to enhance the
business’s portfolio and offering to both trade and consumers. In 2015,
IWSC Group formed partnerships with The Whisky Lounge, the biggest
producer of whisky events in the UK, and the Atlanta Food & Wine
Festival, which puts an international spotlight on the rich food and
beverage traditions of the Southern U.S. The company also opened its
North American office in the U.S. city with a full team to support the

IWSC Group’s business strategy has been built on developing and
operating industry-leading events in collaboration with some of the
longest-standing brands in the food and drink industry. The group plans
to bring their global expertise and international outreach to
Cochon555’s US Tour, which was created in 2008 in response to the lack
of information around heritage breed pigs.

Allen continues, “Cochon555 is a unique event with an incredibly strong
mission behind it. We are really excited the business picked IWSC Group
to collaborate with and we plan to ensure more people can have the
unique Cochon555 experience.”

“Since 2008, Cochon555 Tour has forged meaningful relationships with the
biggest names in the hospitality industry in 20 cities per year,
including working with more than 10,000 chefs, 450 family farms and 30
culinary schools. We believe that our knowledge and expertise within the
premium food and beverage sector will continue to educate the global
economy on the benefits of safer, healthier porc products produced by
family farmers.’

Brady Lowe, the CEO and Creative Director at Cochon555, explains
further, “Our US Tour is a one of a kind travelling culinary competition
and tasting event that celebrates heritage species with a global
audience watching. Working in partnership with IWSC Group means that we
can extend our reach beyond North America, and continue to benefit the
good food movement.”

Cochon555 kicked off its 8th Annual Tour in New York on January 24, 2016.

About IWSC Group

  • IWSC Group originated in 1969 and is one of the world’s leading events
    companies focussed around the food and beverage sector.
  • The group specializes in three key areas:
  1. Promotion: International festivals, competitions and tasting
  2. Communication: Consumer / trade education and communication support
  3. Consultancy: Helping businesses to make better decisions
  • IWSC Group prides itself on its level of immersion into the food and
    drink industries it has achieved, and is passionate about supporting
    all sectors by sharing knowledge, unlocking routes to market, and
    breaking down the barriers between the producer and the consumer.
  • Each year, the Group supports over 1,500 businesses in their marketing
    efforts, and last year alone supported producers in gaining a minimum
    of 20,000 new interactions with consumers, via tasting events around
    the globe.
  • IWSC Group runs a number of wine and spirit competitions around the
    world giving producers the chance to have their products tasted
    against their competitors by over 300 international judges.
  • The International Wine and Spirit Competition (owned by IWSC Group) is
    one of the industry’s most respected and eagerly anticipated annual
    events, attracting the biggest wine and spirit brands through to the
    start-ups launching into the market.
  • In 2014, over 10 million products around the world proudly displaying
    the IWSC accolade on their bottles, helping consumers to make the
    right decision when spending their hard-earned money.

About Cochon555 US Tour

The Cochon555 US Tour, executes a variety of unique, local food events
that are focused on raising enthusiasm for supporting family farms.
Created in response to a need for consumer education around heritage
breed pigs, this epic porc feast visits major cities in North America
annually. The tour also features a multitude of live-event expressions
including Heritage BBQ (global cultures), Heritage Fire (live-fire
event), EPIC Cochon, and Cochon Island (agri-tourism). All Cochon events
cultivate a long-term impact for heritage species raised by family
farms, reaching leading culinary markets in North America while
promoting our sponsor’s message to 16,000 guests drawing from the
biggest names in the hospitality industry, including 10,000+ chefs, 450
family farms and 30 culinary schools. Since 2009, 50,000+ consumers have
experienced heritage porc at Cochon events and more than $500,000 has
been donated to charities and over $750,000 has been paid directly to
our farmers. Together with winemakers, brewers, distillers and craft
food makers, Cochon events create authentic culinary events celebrating
champions in the good food movement. For more details about the events,
visit www.cochon555.com
or follow @cochon555 on Twitter and Instagram.

About Piggy Bank

Launched in 2015 by Brady Lowe, founder of the Cochon555 US Tour / Taste
Network LLC, Piggy Bank is focused on building a sanctuary for heritage
breed pigs enabling responsible solutions for emerging farmers and
social communities. Piggy Bank is made up of 275 founding members who
collectively believe in a movement, a vision and a set of values rooted
in socially-responsible farming. The sanctuary will change the future of
food by uniting a community working together for safer, responsible
farming practices and sharing of genetics. Join the Piggy Bank
conversation by following @PiggyBankOrg and @Cochon555 on Twitter. Piggy
Bank is dedicated to providing an Open Source agriculture platform for
responsible family farmers preserving heritage species. Piggy Bank is a
project of The Giving Back Fund, Inc., a Massachusetts non-profit
corporation with federal tax exempt status as a public charity under
Section 501(c)(3).


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