Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s Limited Time Offer for Hello Kitty Room Guests: Special Present of Hello Kitty Doll in a Bell Staffs’ Uniform

Plaza Hotel Tokyo (KPH)
, one of Japan’s most prestigious
international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is proud to announce a
limited time offer for Hello
Kitty room
guests from April 1st to June 30th;
a special Hello Kitty original doll in a bell staffs’ uniform in
celebration of the 45th anniversary of its operations since

Hello Kitty Rooms were opened in 2014 to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th
birthday on November 1st. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo offers a
total of eight Hello Kitty rooms, in two themes of “KITTY
with the delightfully pop décor, and “PRINCESS
whose furniture are also dedicated to the charm of Kitty.
These rooms have gathered media attention from around the world and have
been popular among both Japanese and overseas guests.

In addition to allowing our guests to immerse themselves in the world of
Hello Kitty during their stay at our Hello Kitty rooms, we will provide
them with specially created Hello Kitty amenities including Hello Kitty
letter sets, pens, plastic bags, slippers and other goods to take with
them as warm reminders of their stay. Moreover, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
regularly changes the attire of Hello Kitty dolls which are in an
original design created especially for our Hello Kitty rooms, in order
to entertain our repeat customers. Our Hello Kitty room guests will be
able to enjoy special room
service breakfasts
that include omelet, sandwich, soup and others
created in the concept of Hello Kitty. In addition, guests will enjoy a
variety of special accommodation plans elaborated with originally
designed cakes, cocktails and drinks.

About the Keio Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel Tokyo (KPH)
, located in Shinjuku at the very heart of
the nation’s capital Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading international
hotels. Our hotel boasts of over 20 restaurants and bars, and we host a
wide range of local and international guests who visit us for our open
and welcoming facilities, top-notch services, and warm hospitality. For
more information about our facilities and services, please visit our website,
or Instagram.


Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Sunaho Nakatani, +81-3-5322-8113
Relations Manager