Learn With Homer, the #1 Learn-to-Read Program, Available Free to Educators

Teachers, Librarians and School Media Personnel Can Access Program
Proven to Increase Student’s Reading

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#App–Did you know that one-in-four children grow up without learning how to
read well? In the United States, students that don’t read proficiently
by the end of third grade are four times as likely to drop out of
school, and two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the
end of fourth grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Every U.S.
president has identified tackling the literacy gap as paramount to the
country’s success, yet there is still a literacy crisis.

With Homer
, the #1 Learn-to-Read program and app,
is working to solve this problem. Its founders are on a mission to teach
the world’s children how to read, one step at a time, one child at a
time, with the help of a tablet. Learn With Homer works by cultivating a
love for reading with a fun, easy to use program that has been shown to
boost early reading scores by 74 percent.

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, Learn With Homer is free to
qualified and verified teachers and librarians to support instruction
with progress tracking for up to 32 individual students.

Families interested in joining the fight to end the literacy crisis can
help support Learn with Homer in low income schools with a purchase of a
family subscription.

A recent study showed that by using Learn With Homer just 15 minutes a
day over a six week period nearly doubled reading scores on the Test of
Preschool Early Literacy, making it extremely effective for whole and
small-group instruction, resource rooms and libraries as the most
reliable and effective app for teaching a child to read.

Educators interested in using Learn With Homer may obtain the program
free-of-charge through the Learn
With Homer website
Educators may apply online at learnwithhomer.com/teachers with a valid
school email address.

“At Learn with Homer we are leading a revolution to teach the world’s
children to read,” said Stephanie Dua, founder and CEO of Learn With
Homer. “As educators, we were sick and tired of wringing our hands over
the literacy crisis so we decided to get down to business and build a
scalable solution.”

By providing a complete start-to-finish reading program with more than
1,000 fun and easy-to-use reading lessons, including a library of 200+
stories, songs and decodable readers, Learn With Homer is a
scientifically-proven, phonetically-based program that brings the best
literacy instruction to families and schools without the need of a
trained teacher to supervise instruction.

Learn with Homer was shown in a double blind research study conducted by
the Susan B. Neuman, former U.S. assistant secretary of education, to
increase reading scores in preschool and kindergarten aged children by
more than 74 percent in just six weeks. Using the program in conjunction
with classroom instruction helps form an ever stronger foundation of

Learn With Homer uses animation and audio to model precise sounds of
each phoneme — the sounds letters make — and relies on voice recording
by the child. This enables children to hear the sounds of letters, see
the movements of the mouth as it makes the sound, then to record
themselves making the sound and to play that back.

Learn with Homer’s native mobile design integrates the best early
literacy pedagogy and the best of game design to create a seamless
learning experience for children. The students thought they were playing
a game when really, every activity was carefully designed to result in
maximum learning.

Amanda Highly, a media coordinator at Burke Public Schools in North
Carolina stated, “I have loved having this wonderful resource right at
my fingertips! I first started using Learn With Homer about three years
ago as a first time media coordinator. I see classes ranging from pre-k
to fifth grade, so I was so thrilled to find a resource that not only
helped me to create interactive, multimedia lessons, but that could be
used across multiple grade levels. The content is rich and correlates
with what the students are learning in their classrooms. The ability to
have the information read aloud allows the younger students to learn and
enjoy it as well. I have used the Learn with Homer app on my iPad for
the past few years, but am excited for the new website they are
offering. It provides even more tools and information than the app,
especially for parents and teachers. I have had several teachers walk in
the library and see it on my Smartboard and ask me about how they can
use it in their classrooms! Everyone is so impressed, including the

Learn With Homer was developed by educators and literacy experts and
built on leading scientific research by the National Reading Panel and
is one of the most comprehensive foundational phonics-based reading
system available on mobile and the web.

“Technology and learning go hand-in-hand today,” noted Dua. “Kids know
how to use apps on phones and tablets from a very early age, so our goal
was not only to create the first comprehensive literacy app, but also to
deliver for parents and educators what we know to be the best practices
in early education in a way that was beautiful but not over gamified.”

About Learn With Homer

With Homer
, the #1 Learn-to-Read program for children ages two to
eight, is teaching the world’s children to read. Learn With Homer has
the vision is to transform the academic trajectory of every child that
uses the Learn With Homer program by cultivating a love for reading with
a fun, easy to use program that boosts early reading scores. Learn With
Homer is also nurturing, supportive and fun! Reading is the single most
important skill for a child’s success in school and life and Learn With
Homer is the #1 Learn-to-Read app that is a research-based and proven
apps to boost early reading scores by 74 percent. The app has received a
five-star rating from Common Sense Media and is the winner of the
Teacher’s Choice Award and was designed by teachers and experts and
based on educational research from Harvard and Stanford Universities.
Learn With Homer provides a step-by-step method proven to work and helps
struggling or new readers accelerate their reading skills. To learn
more, visit learnwithhomer.com
or download from the iTunes
app store
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and G+.


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