MONISTAT® and Vertical Pharmaceuticals Team Up to Help Healthcare Professionals Treat Yeast Infections

TARRYTOWN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., the makers of MONISTAT®, and
Vertical Pharmaceuticals, LLC are partnering in an effort to help
patients and healthcare practitioners better treat yeast infections.
MONISTAT®, the #1 doctor-recommended over-the-counter vaginal
yeast infection treatment, has teamed up with Vertical Pharmaceuticals
to detail OBGYN offices and clinics nationwide. Vertical will be the
direct promotion partner to the OBGYN community for MONISTAT®.

“Effectively reaching Healthcare Providers has been a major initiative
of ours since we acquired MONISTAT® and Vertical brings a
wealth of knowledge and experience reaching OBGYNs across the country,”
said Tim Connors, Executive VP Sales and Marketing of Prestige Brands,
Inc. “We are thrilled about this strategic partnership that will bring
the latest data and guidelines for yeast infection treatments to those
in the best position to advise patients and help grow our largest brand,

“Vertical is excited to be partnering with a world class organization
like Prestige Brands, the makers of MONISTAT®,” said Greg
Voyles, Chief Operating Officer of Vertical Pharmaceuticals. “We are
confident that adding this category leading brand in treating yeast
infections to our promotional portfolio will enhance the value
proposition that our Women’s Healthcare Sales Force will bring to the
healthcare community.”

This effort complements Prestige’s direct-to-consumer marketing of
MONISTAT® and further expands its professional efforts.
Through this partnership the Women’s Healthcare National Sales Force
will bring vital information to Healthcare Providers to help them treat
yeast infections, a condition that affects 75% of women in their
lifetime. Doctors’ offices will be provided with patient education
materials and MONISTAT® Sample & Savings packs.

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MONISTAT® is the #1 doctor-recommended over-the-counter,
antifungal yeast infection treatment that relieves symptoms and cures
the infection. The brand offers a portfolio of cure products, including
1-, 3- and 7-Day treatments, which are available in three forms – ovule,
cream and suppository – and are designed to help women confidently
address their vaginal health needs on their terms. The brand also offers
the MONISTAT® Complete Care™ product line, which includes an
Instant Itch Relief Cream, Vaginal Health Test, Stay Fresh Feminine
Freshness Gel, and Chafing Relief Powder Gel®. For a complete
list of MONISTAT® products, visit

About Vertical

Vertical Pharmaceuticals, LLC was founded in 2003 with a mission to
develop, market, and acquire products offering therapeutic benefits for
patients and healthcare providers. Vertical Pharmaceuticals supplies
niche over the counter and prescription pharmaceutical preparations,
specializing in women’s health and pain management. Vertical’s
medications are marketed by its dedicated sales force throughout the
United States.

About Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc.

Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. markets and distributes brand name
over-the-counter and household cleaning products throughout the U.S.,
Canada, and certain international markets. Core brands include MONISTAT®
antifungal yeast infection treatment, Chloraseptic®
sore throat treatments, Clear Eyes® eye care products,
Compound W® wart treatments, The Doctor’s®
NightGuard® dental protector, the Little Remedies®
line of pediatric over-the-counter products, Efferdent®
denture care products, Luden’s® throat drops, Dramamine®
motion sickness treatment, BC® and Goody’s® pain
relievers, Beano® gas prevention, Debrox® earwax
remover, and Gaviscon® antacid in Canada.


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