My Data Manager Launches Mobile Plan Matcher to Help Consumers Save Money on Their Phone Bill

A first-of-its-kind approach learns a user’s mobile behavior,
compares it against current carrier offerings, and recommends the best

Data Manager
, the popular mobile data management app, today
announced the launch of Mobile Plan Matcher to help consumers
effortlessly find plans that save them the most money. This feature
learns an individual’s usage patterns, compares it against mobile plans
available from all carriers, and recommends a list of the best plans
ranked by price. My Data Manager has moved beyond simply providing users
insight on their mobile usage; it now also harnesses the data and
provides users with personalized plan recommendations.

In a recent study, 40 percent of respondents reported changing their
mobile plan in the last year and 50 percent of respondents identified
price as the most important factor in decisions to switch plans.
Consumers find that shopping for a mobile plan is stressful, but they
regularly reevaluate their plans to save money. As Mobile Plan Matcher
matches each user to the plan that’s best tailored to their individual
needs, the days of paying for overage fees or leftover, unused data is
over. By analyzing history for data usage, call minutes, and number of
text messages, the app matches users with their ideal plans.

Also, 62 percent of respondents reported they were charged overage fees
in the last year. Clearly, mobile users struggle to understand how much
data they actually need. With carriers offering unique features such as
free data for specific applications (“zero-rated apps”), data rollover
allowances, or “unlimited” but throttled data, mobile plan options are
also becoming more complicated and confusing. With the launch of Mobile
Plan Matcher and its innovative technology, users can now effortlessly
be matched with the best fitting plan.

“We are thrilled to launch a feature that helps consumers effortlessly
save money on their monthly mobile bill.” says Eric MacKinnon, Director
of Product at My Data Manager. “Mobile plans in the U.S. have become
increasingly varied with lots of different bells and whistles – there
are shared data-limits, zero-rated apps, data rollover options, just to
name a few. And it’s gotten pretty hard for consumers to tell what kind
of plan will work out best for them. By analyzing how consumers use
their devices, and keeping track of all their plan options out there,
our technology is able to recommend plans best suited for the individual
user, taking the stress out of mobile plan shopping.”

The My Data Manager app is a simple and powerful tool for users to take
control of their mobile data usage and save money on their monthly phone
bills. The app tracks how much data is used across devices, both for
those on individual plans and shared plans, like those specially
designed for families. It has been downloaded by more than 11 million
users worldwide. Check it out on the App
or android.mdm%26hl%3Den&esheet=51427933&newsitemid=20160927005562&lan=en-US&anchor=Google+Play&index=3&md5=249f9c3d664450945d400c7612e4f38f” rel=”nofollow”>Google
Play. Mobile Plan Matcher is currently available for Android with
iOS coming soon.

About My Data Manager

My Data Manager is a mobile phone application that allows users to
understand and manage their data, minutes, and text consumption. It
helps cost-conscious users maximize the value and control their data
plans, while at the same time helping them save money. To learn more,
download the app at the App
or Google
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