National Bullying Prevention Month: New Poll Shows Online Schools Provide Safe Haven for Bullying Victims

94 Percent of Affected Parents Say Their K12-Powered School has
Helped Their Student

HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and a new poll affirms
that online schools provide a safe haven for bullied students.

In an October 2016 survey of more than 4,500 parents conducted by Edge
Research, 27 percent of current K12 parents said they enrolled their
student in a K12 partner school because their student was bullied at
his/her previous school. Of that group, 94 percent said that attending
their K12 partner school has been helpful for their student in dealing
with the issue, and 96 percent said they would recommend a K12 partner
school to a friend or family member with a student dealing with bullying.

“The bullying made my son not want to socialize or go to school,” said
Lisa Varga, whose son, Matthew, experienced bullying at his brick and
mortar school prior to enrolling at Chicago
Virtual Charter School
(CVCS) for the 2011-12 academic year. “Since
starting at CVCS, Matt has so much more confidence socially. He actually
looks forward to his learning center day so he can see his friends at
school – it’s amazing!”

“It’s nice to be able to go to school and learn instead of worrying
about being bullied,” said Matthew, 16, who is a junior at CVCS.

Nearly one out of every four students (22 percent) report being bullied
during the school year, according to National
Center for Educational Statistics
data from 2013.

According to the Center for Disease Control, students who experience
bullying are at increased risk for poor school adjustment, sleep
difficulties, anxiety and depression, and students who engage in
bullying behavior are at increased risk for academic problems, substance
use, and violent behavior later in adolescence and adulthood.

“We’ve had a lot of students come to K12 looking for a safe haven after
being bullied,” said Laurel Barrette, Director of Dropout Prevention and
School Services at K12. “They have thrived in the virtual school setting
thanks to the support that we provide. We are proud to be able to
provide them with the safe environment they need.”

Of the parents whose children attend a K12 partner school due to a
bullying issue, 92 percent say their student feels safe and secure in
their virtual school setting and 87 percent see an academic-related

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