Nestlé Skin Health Promotes a Life Course of Healthy Skin and Provides New Educational Tools During Active Aging Week 2015

LAUSANNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nestlé Skin Health, global leader focused on enhancing the quality of
life by delivering science-based solutions for the health of the skin,
is this week celebrating Active Aging Week. Throughout the week, Nestlé
Skin Health has led a campaign focused on awareness and educational in
which it provided tools and promoted activities that help older adults
engage in healthier and more active lifestyles across their lengthening
life course. Active Aging Week, an annual initiative created and led by
the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), is focusing on six
major themes in which individuals can take action and provides
information and easy-to-follow guides.

Friday’s theme is “Get Skin Health Smart,” and Nestlé Skin Health is
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sheets, videos, how-to guides, educational tools and quizzes to
inform Active Aging Week participants about good practices for
recognizing and preventing skin conditions and diseases that increase
with age such as skin cancer, dry skin associated with chronic diseases,
side-effects of oncologic drugs and even falls. The goal is to help
individuals take control of their skin health at any age.

“At Nestlé Skin Health, we are committed to elevating skin health on the
global public health agenda,” said Humberto C. Antunes, CEO of Nestlé
Skin Health. “Through our partnership with ICAA during Active Aging
Week, we can build awareness and foster good habits for individuals as
they age. This is increasingly imperative for our skin, as it is our
largest organ and shield against outside harm.”

In fact, skin health was highlighted this week in the World Health
Organization’s 2015 World Report on Ageing and Health. The report
addresses the public health imperative for increasing global longevity
and aims to shift the public health agenda from one focused solely on
addressing acute disease to the goal of functional ability. According to
the WHO report:

“Skin suffers progressive decrements with age that result from damage
caused by physiological mechanisms, genetic predisposition and external
insults…The potential impacts of these changes are not just physical.
Many skin conditions can affect individuals’ emotional health or…may
also cause withdrawal from social activity, thus preventing full
participation in communities and workplaces.”

Sustaining healthy skin and addressing skin health challenges as
individuals age are critical to the WHO strategy. Nestlé Skin Health’s
approach to a life course of healthy skin is aligned with the WHO’s call
to action on the role of public health in national economic growth and
personal healthy aging goals.

“Humans are living longer than ever before, and all of us without
exception will have deteriorating skin,” said Michael W. Hodin, CEO of
the Global Coalition on Aging, a cross-sector business consortium
dedicated to promoting good public policies and business practices to
ensure aging becomes an opportunity, rather than a burden. “Today’s
aging phenomenon requires us to change conventional thinking about
health, and healthy skin is a powerful way to help individuals to stay
active, engaged and productive for as long as possible.”

Since its launch in 2003, Active Aging Week has aimed to empower seniors
to engage in exercise, wellness activities and preventive habits that
lead to healthy aging.

“Older people need better access to education on a variety of health
issues, and ICAA works to engage with communities to help them
facilitate life changes that will keep individuals healthy for longer,”
said Colin Milner, CEO of ICAA. “We are excited to have Nestlé Skin
Health involved in the 2015 Active Aging Week to shine a light on the
link between healthy skin and overall wellbeing. Our participants will
benefit from Nestlé Skin Health’s innovative and interactive tools
designed specifically with them in mind.”

Members of ICAA and the general public can access these tools for
“getting skin health smart” on the campaign’s website,
Active Aging Week runs from September 27 to October 3. Events will take
place in meeting locations across North America and around the world.

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About the World Health Organization’s 2015 Report on Ageing and Health

The WHO Report on Ageing and Health outlines a framework for action to
foster Healthy Ageing built around the new concept of functional
ability. Making these investments will have valuable social and economic
returns, both in terms of health and wellbeing of older people and in
enabling their on-going participation in society. For more information,


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