New Male Enhancement Formula from The Health Era Ushers in a New Era of Natural Supplements

The Health Era announces the release of XTREME-MEN, a natural
supplement that features a new male enhancement formula that goes beyond
sexual performance to help support prostate health, reproductive health,
weight management, energy and endurance.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Health Era, a leading natural supplement company, announces the
release of XTREME-MEN, natural supplement that features the company’s
new breakthrough male enhancement formula.

includes the company’s patented Tongkat Ali root extract ErexSITM,
an extract that has been clinically proven under controlled conditions
to improve sexual performance. This formula was developed in
collaboration with the Malaysian government and MIT (Massachusetts
Institute for Technology) scientists over a number of years after the
natural benefits of the Tongkat Ali root were discovered.

“Our premium Tongkat Ali extract ErexSI™ is considered the natural
Viagra of Malaysia and the country’s best-kept secret
,” said Yull
Manzi, President and CEO of The Health Era. “This ingredient is the
only Tongkat Ali that is protected by a worldwide patent for the
treatment of sexual dysfunction, testosterone therapy and male fertility

According to The Health Era, XTREME-MEN’s other ingredients help support
functions of the male body that diminish over time such as prostate
health, physical endurance and energy.

In today’s world, men are busier than ever and they need
something to help them keep up with the demands of the modern world
said Juan Carlos Orozco, Vice President of The Health Era.

XTREME-MEN is now available for purchase via the product’s official

The Health Era

The Health Era is a leading natural supplement company based in Florida
dedicated to producing superior natural products that are effective and
affordable. With years of research in the areas of male enhancement,
fertility, athletic performance, and disease prevention, The Health
Era’s mission is to develop products that rebalance the body in a
natural and effective way.

Its newest release XTREME-MEN debuts the company’s breakthrough Tongkat
Ali extract ErexSI™, a proprietary extract that was developed in
collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute For Technology)
scientists and the Malaysian government over a number of years.


The Health Era
Juan Carlos Orozco, 786-208-6411