Popular Presents its New Musical Production: Nuestra Isla, Nuestro Encanto (Our Island, Our Enchantment)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NuestraIslaNuestroEncanto–Popular announced today that its new musical production, the one they
have created uninterrupted for 25 years, will be transmitting
simultaneously through Puerto Rico’s main channels on December 3rd at
8:00 p.m. This year, production is titled “Nuestra Isla, Nuestro
Encanto” (Our Island, Our Enchantment) and its theme is the different
festivities that Puerto Ricans celebrate throughout the year that make
them such special and happy people.

“Bringing a moment of happiness, especially amidst the times we are
going through, is something very important for us at Popular. The
musical production is known for transmitting happiness and optimism to
our people. This year, we are doing it through traditional festivities,
something that is without a doubt a big part of who we are. Popular has
a genuine commitment to supporting that arts, culture and our
communities. It is part of our DNA and has always been present in
everything we do,” stated Eduardo Negrón, executive vice president of
Popular’s Administration Group.

The production took about a year and a half of filming since the team
wanted to capture festivals, carnivals and events throughout the entire
island. “We wanted to capture Puerto Rico’s reality and not have to fake
it, the only way to do that was to start filming at the end of last
year,” said Euskady Burgos, producer of Cinetrix, this year’s production

The story that is shown in this production is of a young man that, after
having lived out of town for a long time, comes back to the island and
starts writing about what makes its people special. Throughout his tale,
people can see the various scenarios that make this an hour-long
production for television.

Some of the festivities that are portrayed are: Fiestas de la Calle San
Sebastián, Ponce, Loíza and Hatillo’s Carnivals, San Blas Marathon,
Guajataka Downhill, Noche de San Juan (Night of San Juan), celebration
of Virgin of Carmen, among others. “We wanted to show each of these
events in the context in which they are celebrated, nothing better that
being able to be part of those that participate in them and also able to
portray through them the essence of Puerto Rican, we are a happy
country,” added Burgos.

The production was directed by Joel Pérez, produced by Euskady Burgos
and edited by Carlos Aponte, all part of the production company,
Cinetrix. As part of the production team, Carmen Díaz and Nadia
Barbarossa also served as producers. Luis Amed Irizarry was the musical
director along with musical producers, Diego Centeno, Antonio Caraballo,
José David Pérez and Josué Deprat. Adiela Marie was the disc’s producer.

The musical production had artists such as:

Olga Tañón – La vida es un carnaval (Life
is a Carnival)

Oscarito y Emanuel Santana– Medley: Mañana
por la mañana, Voy subiendo, Caminan las nubes (Medley: Tomorrow
Morning, I’m Going Up, Clouds are Walking)

Rey Ruiz y Consuelo Schuster – Calle Luna,
Calle Sol (Moon Street, Sun Street)

José Nogueras y Nano Cabrera– Pescao (Fish)

Los Wálters y Eduardo Alegría – Y yo no
bailo (And I don’t Dance)

Ozuna – Oye como va (Hear how it Goes)

Danny Fornaris y Diana Fuentes – María Isabel (Maria Isabel)

Vicente García y Kany García – Las manos del campo (The Countryside’s

PJ Sin Suela – Vamos a celebrar (Let’s Celebrate)

Pirulo y la Tribu – O Que É O Que É (La vida es bonita) (Life is

Jeimy Osorio y Christian Daniel – El Boricua (The “Boricua”)

“Nuestra Isla, Nuestro Encanto” (Our Island, Our Enchantment) will be
available for 24 hours through the website www.nuestraislanuestroencanto.com.
“We know not everyone in Puerto Rico have power and that is why we are
also bringing the production to life with a live musical show to various
municipalities, among them: Hatillo, Moca, Orocovis, San Juan, Caguas
and Ponce. We are also coordinating with other municipalities that are
interested in showing the production on a big screen,” added Negrón.

Those interested in acquiring the production, in CD or DVD, will be able
to do it through any of the Banco Popular branches, record stores,
Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, Google Play, Disco Hits, among others. Sales
will start on December 4, 2017.

Part of the funds raised as a result of sales are destined to the
Embracing Puerto Rico relief effort, led by the Banco Popular Foundation
and which purpose is to support the communities affected by hurricane
Maria. To this date, the effort has impacted over 20,000 families and 33


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