Respiratory Products Releases Curtail – The Cough Barrier — “Because Not Everything Should Go Viral”

Company’s innovative cough barrier designed to break the “cycle of
transmission” of flu and colds.

GLEN ELLEN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Respiratory Products, Inc., a new biomedical company, is developing a
suite of consumer and medical devices to manage an array of respiratory
conditions, from the flu and colds to post-operative lung aeration with
a compact handheld incentive spirometer.

The company’s first offering is a personal consumer product called “Curtail™
– The Cough Barrier”
which functions to capture your cough and
prevent the spread of germs. Curtail’s unique airflow design
serves to eliminate 99% of expelled particulates from coughing,
preventing the introduction of potentially untoward agents into the air
by cold and flu sufferers. Conceived by Dr. Michael Lyster, M.D., FACP,
and performance tested by Dr. David Sanders, Ph.D., a world renowned
virologist and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue
University, Curtail is the first product of its kind that
specifically addresses physical cough containment.

With its first product in a suite of devices targeting coughing,
Respiratory Products is partnering with KODAK to apply its technology to
facilitate healthier public environments, where many seasonal cold and
flu epidemics are transmitted, including vector hotspots in travel and
high-density communal environments such as airlines, trains, buses and
corporate and school campuses where disease can spread quickly in the
absence of physical precautions.

Extremely compact, Curtail easily stores in your shirt or pants
pocket or purse and is quickly deployed by squeezing and placing over
your mouth.

Executive Quote

Curtail is a compact, inexpensive, and quickly deployable
device that can have profound effects on world health in travel
environments, public and communal settings, businesses, and homes. We
intend to set a new standard for ‘collective health care’ in a world
facing ever-increasing variations of harmful particulates transmitted
via air and human contact,” said John Stalcup, Ph.D., CEO, Respiratory
Products, Inc.

About Respiratory Products, Inc.

Respiratory Products, Inc. is a biomedical device company that partners
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Graef at 707-738-9828 or
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Curtail™ is a trademark of Respiratory Products, Inc., Patent

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