So Smart, It’s GENIUS – Oral-B Unveils the World’s First Electric Toothbrush that Sees What You Don’t

Oral-B GENIUS intelligent toothbrush system combines revolutionary
Position Detection Technology with Triple Pressure Control and the
Professional Timer to help you brush like your dentist recommends

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona, Oral-B
unveiled its latest innovation that sets a new oral care standard:
Oral-B GENIUS, the first of its kind and Oral-B’s most intelligent
brushing system available to-date. The new Oral-B GENIUS features
groundbreaking Position Detection Technology that combines cutting-edge
motion sensor technology located in the brush, and video recognition
using the smartphone’s camera, to track areas being brushed so that no
zone is missed. Users receive instant feedback on the brushing of each
zone of the mouth via the Oral-B App 4.1, including guidance on pressure
applied and brushing duration. These features combined with the Oral-B
Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology and the unique round brush
head helps users improve their oral health.

Oral-B GENIUS – Helps Users Brush like Their Dentist Recommends

“Patients are not brushing their teeth correctly, even though they think
they are; they brush too hard, do not brush long enough, and miss zones
of the mouth. This new brushing system helps us coach patients to brush
properly, and improve these three main areas of patient brushing
behaviors that affect their oral health,” said Dr. Jose Nart, DDS. “The
Oral-B GENIUS and App take digital guidance to the next level by
bringing awareness to what’s actually happening each time users brush
and giving them real-time guidance to improve every brushing session.
Now our patients can continue what’s started in the dental office at
home – a professionally guided brushing routine.”

Healthy Teeth Status through Targeted Digital Guidance

Over time, brushing incorrectly can result in oral health issues such as
tooth decay and even early tooth loss. Using Oral-B GENIUS, users are
able to actively monitor their brushing routine via the Oral-B App 4.1.
This real time feedback reduces guesswork, enabling users to brush for
the dental professional-recommended two minutes, not apply too much
pressure while brushing and – thanks to the new revolutionary Position
Detection – never miss those commonly missed zones.

It’s About Brushing for the Right Length, Not Pressing Too Hard, and
Never Missing a Zone

Oral-B GENIUS includes best-in-class product features, making it the
most intelligent brushing system available that helps consumers smarten
their daily brushing routines:

  • Position Detection Technology: Senses and recognizes areas of
    the mouth users are cleaning via sensors built into the brush in
    combination with the smartphone. Oral-B research shows up to 80% of
    people spent insufficient time brushing in at least one zone in their
    mouth and 60% of people either didn’t brush their back molars at all,
    or spent insufficient time brushing them1. Paired with the
    Oral-B App 4.1, the Position-Detection Technology in Oral-B GENIUS
    tracks brush position, and shows the user how to brush all zones in
    the mouth equally and evenly.
  • Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology: Oral-B proprietary
    technology cleans tooth by tooth and its round brush head reaches
    areas that are often difficult to reach, providing a superior cleaning
    every session compared to a regular manual toothbrush.
  • Triple Pressure Sensor Technology: Excessive pressure during
    brushing is one of the key reasons for gum tissue abrasions. Some
    manual users apply brushing forces two times the recommended pressure,
    which can be harmful to the gums. This technology protects gums from
    overaggressive brushing by visually indicating when too much pressure
    is applied, automatically slowing down the brush head speed, and
    stopping the pulsations. With Oral-B guidance system, up to 93% of
    aggressive brushers reduced their brushing force and the time spent
    brushing with excessive force was reduced by up to 88%2.
  • Professional Timer: Independent scientific research suggests
    that it is more important to brush all zones in the mouth evenly,
    rather than brushing longer3. Even when not connected to
    the App, Oral-B’s Professional Timer ensures that each quadrant of the
    mouth is brushed for 30 seconds, to reach the dental
    professional-recommended two minute brushing session. People using the
    Oral-B App brush on average 2 minutes and 27 seconds4,
    whereas manual brush users brush on average less than one minute.

Oral-B GENIUS enables more effective brushing sessions every day, like
dental professionals recommend, while fitting seamlessly into users’
increasingly connected and mobile-dominated lives. But the genius does
not stop there. This brush is the beautifully designed companion for
everyone who wants a personalized, reliable, mobile and efficient helper
to achieve their personal best oral care routine:

  • Stylish smart travel case charges both the brush and a USB
    device, such as a smartphone, with a single plug for any voltage to
    make traveling easier than ever.
  • Practical smartphone holder supports placement of phone on the
    mirror to ensure optimal use of Position Detection Technology while
    brushing, and is removable and re-attachable for flexible, on-the-go
  • Lithium-Ion Battery with longer battery life gives users at
    least two weeks of brushing between charges.
  • SmartRing, a personalized multicolor 360° lighting system,
    features 12 different colored lights that allow users to customize
    their brushes via the Oral-B App, making brushing experiences more
    enjoyable and personalized.

“Oral-B GENIUS sets a new standard in the industry, and will forever
change how people approach brushing their teeth. It is the next big
thing after the introduction of the electric brush overall as it helps
eliminate the wrong behaviors in brushing,” said Stephen Squire, global
marketing director, P&G. “We made a commitment to digitally connected
brushing two years ago and to date we have received almost a million
downloads of the Oral-B App. We have built upon that solid foundation to
reinforce our position as the world’s leader in oral care technology
with the evolution of our intelligent brushing system – the Oral-B

Inspired by dental professionals and developed by designers at Braun™,
Oral-B GENIUS is the most advanced, connected and intelligent brushing
system in the market. The brand has a long and rich history of leading
the category in developments that significantly improve oral care around
the world. Oral-B introduced the world’s first Bluetooth®
connected electric toothbrush in 2014, and has been working to improve
upon the original by incorporating feedback from consumers and dental
professionals. MWC attendees will be able to get an early look at Oral-B
GENIUS and have a chance to become a brushing genius at the Oral-B
booth, located in the popular App Planet exhibition hall.

The Oral-B GENIUS will be available in select markets starting in July
2016. The Oral-B App 4.1 will be available in July 2016 on iTunes and
Google Play.

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