Three Smart Home Products Featured at CES® 2016 That You Can Actually Buy Now

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CES® is what consumer electronics companies work toward all
year long. As the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, the
products featured are no less than impressive. This year, a lot of
products haven’t quite made it to market yet, so we’re ready to share
with you three smart home products that are actually available to
purchase now.

1. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

When this product originally debuted, the goal was essentially to create
a refrigerator with a touchscreen on the front with a main purpose of
usefulness and entertainment. With the newest model, more customizable
elements and a convenience factor were added to the mix. For example,
the calendar feature on the touchscreen allows you to sync your other
calendars and then also program exactly what you want to see – so you
can view Mom’s birthday dinner instead of your noon business meeting. In
addition to the calendar feature, the refrigerator also provides a way
to showcase photos, check the weather, mirror your Samsung TV and more.
The appliance is available now at stores such as The Home Depot,
Appliances Connection and US Appliance for just under $3,000.

2. Keen Home Smart Vent

Using the design to regulate your home’s temperature room by room, the
Smart Vent seeks to increase comfort and reduce energy costs. The smart
element to the vents is intelligently distributing the airflow within
your home. So those pesky cold or hot spots in each room? Gone.
According to the Keen Home website, room-by-room zoning can reduce
energy usage and costs by up to 30 percent. This smart home product is
available on sites such as, and Keen Home’s website.

3. leakSMART™ leak prevention solution

leakSMART™ is the definition of a water mitigation solution. In less
than five seconds, the entire system works together to detect a leak,
immediately shut off the home’s main water supply and alert the
homeowner of the occurrence. Consumers can purchase a stand-alone
leakSMART™ system directly from the manufacturer. leakSMART™ can also be
added to any compatible ZigBee® smart home system, including
wink® from The Home Depot® and Iris® by

List provided by leakSMART™. For more information, visit

About leakSMART™

leakSMART™ is a patented water mitigation solution that provides
complete home water protection with leak detection and monitoring for
everything from burst water supply lines and washing machine leaks to
leaks from other everyday appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout
the house. leakSMART™ then automatically shuts off the main water supply
when a leak is detected in the home. The system also immediately alerts
the homeowner on a smart device when a water leak occurs — all in less
than five seconds. For more information about leakSMART™, visit

About Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc.

leakSMART™ is a trademarked solution that has been designed, developed
and manufactured by Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc. (Waxman). Based
near Cleveland, Ohio, Waxman has more than 500 employees from around the
globe who design, develop and distribute efficient and innovative
products for nearly every room in the home. The company specializes in
surface protection and floor care, home improvement and hardware, and
home organization and storage solutions, among other categories. For
more information about Waxman or any of its brands and solutions, visit


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