WHOOP Bolsters Executive Team with Sports Science Veteran Gary McCoy

Data-driven expertise in optimizing individual and team performance
will help WHOOP customers reduce injuries and win more

today announced that Gary McCoy, a veteran sports science expert with 25
years of experience helping athletes optimize performance, has joined
the company’s executive team as Senior Vice President of Applied Sport
Science. In this role, McCoy will work with teams to help them better
understand how to gain insights from unique data for individual athletes
and apply them to improve performance, reduce injuries and win more.

McCoy has dedicated his 25 year career to helping athletes and teams
across all major sports perform better. As a strength and conditioning
coach, McCoy has designed programs to optimize athletic performance and
reduce injuries for athletes and teams in the NFL and MLB, including the
Houston Astros and Miami Marlins. McCoy oversaw Sports Science and
Performance at Catapult, driving the company to become the market leader
in professional sports analytics. More recently, he worked as the Senior
Director of Sports Science and Performance at Kitman Labs.

“Gary McCoy is one of the most respected figures in the world of sports
science and a perfect fit for our team,” said Will Ahmed, founder and
CEO of WHOOP. “We are starting to see elite athletes and teams take the
impact of strain, recovery and sleep seriously. The way athletes train
is changing, and no one understands how or why better than Gary, who has
been at the forefront of data-driven performance optimization for more
than two decades. His experience and relationships will ensure that
WHOOP clients gain the most from our technology today and from future
product development in the years to come.”

McCoy joins WHOOP as the company continues to play an increasingly
important role in the athletic industry’s shift toward more data-driven
decision making. WHOOP is currently being used by teams in the NFL, NBA,
NHL, MLB, MLS, along with several Olympic teams and trainers for some of
the world’s most elite athletes like LeBron James. At the collegiate
level, teams in all major conferences are using the system.

“I’ve spent my entire career working with elite athletes and helping
them get the most out of their bodies,” said Gary McCoy. “Data and
technology are vital to help coaches make more informed decisions, which
I experienced during my time at Catapult. I believe WHOOP is positioned
to revolutionize the way athletes interact with data to improve
performance on a massive scale. After working closely with Will and the
WHOOP team for a couple months, I knew their technology promised to
change sports and I had to join full-time. I’m excited to work with this
incredible team to build a future where every major athlete is wearing
WHOOP to optimize performance.”


WHOOP is the performance optimization system that helps elite athletes
and teams win. WHOOP provides athletes, their coaches, and trainers with
a continuous understanding of strain and recovery to balance training,
reduce injuries, and predict performance. The system is currently being
used by professional and collegiate athletes, Olympians, and the United
States military. For more information, please visit https://www.whoop.com.


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