AlertMedia Improves Employee Safety with Instant Connection to Law Enforcement, 24-Hour Global Monitoring Center

The company’s patented SafeSignal technology allows users to send
distress signals from a locked phone – without pressing a button

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AlertMedia, a leader in the emergency communication software industry,
today announced the launch of its SafeSignal technology. Combined with
AlertMedia’s 24-hour Monitoring Center, SafeSignal provides a new level
of safety and security for people working in high-risk situations around
the world.

AlertMedia recently completed an initial rollout of SafeSignal across
the state of Texas, where several state and local agencies are using the
service to give their thousands of employees a crucial level of
protection and peace of mind. With the launch announcement, AlertMedia
will begin offering SafeSignal throughout the United States, as well as
internationally in the more than 80 countries where AlertMedia already
has customers.

“Our technology is redefining safety for organizations with people in
the field, specifically those who often find themselves working or
traveling in dangerous locations or conditions. Social service workers,
home healthcare workers, realtors – people in these professions are
breathing an enormous sigh of relief when we put SafeSignal in their
hands,” said Brian Cruver, founder and CEO of AlertMedia. “They can now
do their jobs with confidence, knowing that our monitoring team and law
enforcement is essentially by their side, making sure they are safe.”

The patented, zero-button SafeSignal solution works in conjunction with
a tether that plugs into any iOS or Android smartphone. Pulling the
brightly colored tether activates an audible alarm while sending a
distress signal, along with critical details on the situation, to the
AlertMedia Monitoring Center. AlertMedia immediately responds according
to a custom action plan established with the employer, which typically
includes dispatching law enforcement to the user’s precise location.

“SafeSignal is groundbreaking technology in the emergency communication
industry, which allows us to accompany people as they encounter
dangerous situations,” says Heather Deason, a former 911 Operations
Specialist, and now the Director of AlertMedia’s Monitoring Center.
“Since the initial rollout, we have already coordinated with law
enforcement to assist with several hundred incidents.”

About AlertMedia

As the fastest-growing mass communication and emergency notification
software provider in the world, AlertMedia helps organizations securely
and effectively monitor threats, streamline notifications, and recover
from incidents. The company’s fully integrated, cloud-based platform
delivers communication tools that can be accessed from anywhere, at any
time, using any device. Customers in telecom, healthcare,
transportation, energy, manufacturing, government, and education are
using the AlertMedia platform to protect their organizations, automate
operations, and mitigate loss. For more information, please call (800)
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